Chapter 82

Jon crawled to the end of the bed where Tessa had just dropped and pressed an exhausted kiss on her stomach. “You do realize I’m forty-four years old, right?” He asked and flipped onto his back.

She lifted her head briefly then dropped it back onto the bed. “Right, forgot about that. So are you telling me you’re too tired for my present, Rockstar?”

“Does it require clothes? Because I’m too tired to be anything but naked.” He dropped a hand over his eyes. Christ the woman wore him out. It was definitely in a good way. He felt more relaxed and at ease here in her little house than he had all week.

She rolled and pressed a kiss just above his left pec, “Nope. In fact clothing is definitely something that needs to be missing from the equation.”

His hand dropped and he craned his neck to watch her walk across the bedroom. She really did have the most amazing ass he’d ever seen. And the fact that she was so unselfconscious about her body made her all the more attractive in his eyes.

She reached into the top drawer of her bureau and lifted out a long gold box with a ridiculously huge red and gold bow on top. “I feel kinda stupid giving this to you now that I got this.” She traced her thumb over the pendant sitting between her breasts.

“I told you it’s not about how much it is, but what it is.”

“Well, I was thinking to myself…what on earth can you get the man that has everything?” She climbed on the bed and gently put the box on his belly.

He grinned and sat up. “I’m easy, half my present is already unwrapped.” He waggled his eyebrows. “Men are easy, we want food and to see something naked.”

“Well then, I may have just hit the jackpot.”

The box wasn’t wrapped, the bow attached to the box itself so all he had to do was lift the lid. Two paintbrushes, one fat and one thin and a smaller box was inside. He couldn’t stop the grin that started to build. Well wasn’t that something? His Tessa had a little more kink in her.

Inside the smaller box was three pots. One was rich, milk chocolate, one was dark chocolate and the other was chocolate gold dust. “Now this should have come out way earlier in the night,” he said with a laugh.

He lifted out the gold dust first and leaned into her, catching her full lower lip between his teeth. “I do believe I just woke up.” He pushed her back into the pillows. “Now, let’s see.” He unscrewed the cap and reached for the larger brush.

She raised her hands along her headboard and held onto the top, lifting her breasts high.

“I do like the way you think.” He dipped the brush into the fluffy powder and drew a line down her neck first and leaned in. He slowly drew his tongue along the line of gold until he reached where her jaw met ear and tugged on her ear gently. “It even tastes good,” he said into her ear.

Tracing the contour of her breast he twirled the brush along the tip of her breast and leaned in. He watched the line of her stomach shudder as he moved closer. Instead of taking the diamond hard nipple into his mouth like he intended, he simply blew on the dust watching the gold flecks curl around the puckered tip.

He dragged the brush under the tip again, until the dust sprinkled along the tops of her thighs. He took a quick taste from the underside of her breast and trailed the brush down one slope to the other and repeated until he heard a low moan from her. He peeked between his bangs and saw her neck drop back as her arms shook with her grip.

“I gotta say, this is truly an amazing gift.”

“Sweet fuck,” she said on a gasp as he flicked the very tip of her nipple with the point of his tongue.

He continued his drawing along the center of her stomach and drew a heart around her belly button, letting the pointed end disappear into her mound. He put the brush and the little pot of dust on the dresser and removed a condom. For once he wouldn’t mind the constricting latex, since he’d be able to hold out longer. He smiled and crawled between her thighs.

“There now I have to taste my gift.”

“Oh God,” She said and sagged against the headboard.

He smiled before dipping between her thighs. Gold dust still stuck to his fingers as he parted her and flicked the hard little pearl inside of her. She bucked and he held her down as he gently tasted her. The chocolate mixed with the rich taste of her and he lapped at her until he heard the gasps turn to cries.

He backed off and followed the heart shaped line just above her center and followed the path up. He flattened his tongue to clean the dust away and the chocolate exploded on his tongue. He knelt between her legs and draped each thigh over his until she was wide open for him.

Pressing the tip of himself against her swollen lips he continued to clean the chocolate off of her. Concentrating around her nipples, but not at the center where she was most sensitive.

Her grip was vice-like on the headboard as he gathered the chocolate into his mouth and rose up. He slid the head of his cock along her slit and lifted her off the bed as he captured her gasp. Tangled tongues and chocolate layered the sex into a new realm. She cried out around the kiss as he dragged himself back and forth over her swollen clit, but never quite let her finish.

He dragged his teeth over her chin and back down to her nipples cleaning one off, sucking her deeply into his mouth so he could roll the puckered tip against his teeth before tugging. She arched off the bed and grabbed her hips, thrusting inside as he moved to the other breast.

She screamed. Her fingers curling around his neck to drag his mouth to hers. The angle pushed her down on him as she rode him hard. He dropped back on the heels of his feet and pushed in deeper as she broke apart above him.

He dragged his teeth down her neck and buried his face into her hair as he came. He held onto her as she milked him dry, the aftershocks leaving him weak with release. Sticky with sweat and foreplay he eased out of her and stood.

She lay sprawled on the bed, her breathing evening into sleep. Every part of him wanted to crawl right alongside of her and do the same, but he could feel the dust moving into places he didn’t want to think about. “Oh no you don’t. Chocolate is sexy until you wake up sticking to me in the morning.”

“Go sleep in the guest room,” she muttered.

He laughed and dragged her off the bed. “I’ll shower you down quick.” He lifted her. “By the way, I really liked my gift.”

She rolled her nose into his shoulder and smiled up at him. “Me too.”


Jen said...

Finally caught up!

Great chapter...can't wait to find out where this is all going.

“Go sleep in the guest room,”
LMAO!!! Somehow, I find that extremely funny!

mamybest said...

wow tara!! that was some present she got him!! that was awesome my friend!!! thats about all i can muster to say!!!!


Bianca said...

Wow, hell of a present huh? I was wondering where you can get that cause I know my boyfriend would be thrilled if he got something like that for his bday :D

Hathor said...

Loved "go sleep in the guest room". Too funny. Great gift, and smokin' chapter!

Anonymous said...

I love chocolate - but now I love it for different reasons.... :P

Stephanie said...

God Tara, that was hot. Gives me a whole new reason to love chocolate!

Can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed another reason to LOVE chocolate - That was purely decadent and quite yummy Tara!

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