Chapter 121

Tessa lay in the flickering firelight, Jon quiet at her back. Brie and fruit had been picked over, but unfortunately the Cool Whip hadn’t survived the heat from the fireplace. Well, it could have been them too, but she couldn’t seem to care when something that profound was the result.

His arm slid around her waist as his chin rested into the crook of her neck. “I love you,” he said softly. “I needed to say that more than anything tonight,” he said roughly.

Turning in his arms she curled into him. “Tell me what’s eating at you,” she whispered into his neck. The words he’d given her and the way he’d touched her told her something was up. She probably should have asked then, but he seemed to need the physical more than the talk at that moment. Even his note on the door should have been a warning to her, but maybe now with the connection there between them she could get him to talk.

He sat up hooking his legs around her so she was in between his knees. He sighed, pressing a kiss to her forehead as he draped his forearms over her shoulders until she leaned into him. She scooted closer, her knees gathered into her chest.

He brushed his chin along her hair and took a deep breath. He cleared his throat. “This album is getting to me. Richie and I really bonded over all the shit that’s happened and all that’s coming back now that we’re getting it recorded.” His arms fell to her hips, linking around her back loosely. “Some of the songs…” he trailed off.

Her palm flattened on his chest and smoothed up to his neck. Pushing back she met his stormy blue eyes. “Only the best stuff hurts, you know that.” She brushed her thumb over his bristly chin then to his lower lip. “You have a gift. I mean I know all of you guys have a gift but that voice of yours…” She sighed, “You just don’t know what you do with that voice. You can rip my guts out and make me cry, but that’s a good thing.” When he smirked down at her and bit her thumb she rolled her eyes. “I know you get weirded out when I talk about your music.”

When he just shrugged she blew out a disgusted breath. “You just don’t know what kind of magic you have inside you sometimes.”

“I’m glad you think so,” he said cautiously. He hauled her into a tangled pretzel of a hug. “I know what you’re saying and I see the holy shit factor in the songs but listening to Richie play this week has been hard. Reading his words and playing with them in the studio…merging them with mine.” He pressed his chin into her shoulder. “I think about where I was even just a year ago and seeing Richie still there. Still drifting,” he pulled back to look her in the eyes again. “He’s so much stronger than I am. I watch him pull it together every day, pushing himself harder than I’ve ever seen. I…” He trailed off for a moment. “I’d lose my mind if I didn’t have you.”

Leaning in, she kissed him, melted into him until the tears that were clogging her throat eased. Watching the pain and the doubt cloud his eyes carved out a spot in her heart she was pretty sure had just become his. As if he didn’t have all of it anyway.

When he rolled her back onto the blankets again she was determined to drive the desolation in his eyes away and to see him smile again. “You have me,” she whispered and took him into her body. And where the first half of the night was only sweetness this was his other half.

The part of Jon that choked on demons sometimes, that self doubt that lingered inside of every man and was rarely seen. As he drove into her with madness in his eyes, she accepted that part of him too.

They rolled and she watched him fight for control. Instead of letting him have it, she rolled him over and rose above him. He reared up teeth scraping, fingers gripping as he tried to pull her down to him. She pushed him down and clasped his hands in hers, linked palm to palm as their fingers gripped. She pushed his hands into the floor looming over him as she slowed the pace. Turning the jarring thrusts into long, lingering strokes she pressed her lips to his.

She felt the wildness in his kiss, the nip of his teeth and the straining muscles under her as he arched up. She gasped when his teeth found her neck and the fragile skin at her collarbone. “You have me,” she said and arched with him at the contact.

He used the slice of weakness against her and pushed up in a seated position. Her knees instantly looked for stabilization on the floor as his abs strained under her. His arms came around her and lifted her, dropping her onto his rock hard cock.

The shock of invasion came out in a muffled shout as he went deeper and the angle changed. Her pelvis tilted forward and stars flared around her vision as he hit something deep within her. Again and again he drove into her until she her eyes locked onto his.

Whatever he’d been looking for must have been there because he shouted his own release as he curled around her, hugging her until there wasn’t a space or even a breath between them. She buried her face into his sweaty neck and shook as her body recovered from the roughness. From the sweet to the fiery she couldn’t ever gauge when it would happen.

They sat there for a long time, neither one of them saying anything as they held on. What could you say when you burned hot and bright like that? What was there to say when the love was so overwhelming you couldn’t find words?


She woke to sunlight flooding Jon’s room and her face pressed into his shoulder. Her sleepy smile slipped away when she realized there was way too much sun for a February morning. She popped up with a start and yelped when she saw the clock. “Oh my God!”

She heard the quick intake of breath as Jon woke. “What’s wrong?” he said with a sleep roughened voice.

“It’s eleven o’clock? Are you kidding me?” She tried to crawl over him but was stopped by a pair of strong arms.

“Hey, relax Tess.”

“It was my morning to open the shop,” she said and tried to wiggle free. “I can’t believe I slept this late!”

Jon laughed. He was laughing? This was not a laughing matter. She had a business to run, she couldn’t be snoozing the day away with her…she growled. God, it sounded so stupid to call him her boyfriend. “Stop laughing you moron!” she said as he straddled her, pinning her to the bed.

His blonde hair was in his eyes and two days worth of beard scruffed his pretty face up. His eyes were clear again, the earlier demons and hurts washed away in the night. She sighed and stopped struggling. “I have to go to work,” she complained.

“No you don’t.”

“I cannot play hooky. I own the damn shop!” she groused. How many times did he need to hear that to get it through his head dammit?

“I called Nic.”

She stilled. “You called Nic?”

“Yup,” he said with a smug smile.

“It was her day off, Jon!” She dropped back on the pillow. “When did you call her?”

“About eight. I figured it gave her time to sleep in and get to the store for opening. She was up anyway.” He caged her in, his biceps straining as he held himself over her. “She said if it made you relax for once she’d be happy to sacrifice a day off. She said she’d switch with one of your shifts this week if it made you feel better.”

“You can’t just keep expecting Nic to take over whenever you feel like asking her, Jon.”

He frowned down at her. “Tessa, how many days do you actually take off?”

“How many do you?” she countered and gave him a bland stare.

Ignoring her he plowed ahead. “You needed a day. You can go in later if you feel guilty, but I just wanted to give you a chance to sleep in and maybe come into the studio with me.”

She bolted up, her head smacking into his chin. “Ow!” she rubbed her forehead. “Are you kidding me?”

Laughing, he rolled to the side and wiped at his lower lip. “Shit, you have a hard head.”

“Don’t tease, Jon!”

“I’m not!” He laughed.

Forgetting all about guilt she launched herself into his arms and knocked him onto his back. “Seriously?” she pressed kisses all over his face and wrapped her arms around his neck. Holy crap! The real deal. The studio and songs from the ground up? Her fanatic heart went into overdrive. “I can’t believe it. Do I get to hear some new stuff?” she breathed out the question. She hadn’t dared to ask.

He shook his head. “What else would I be in there to do? But you know,” he leaned back on the bed again watching her through slitted eyes. “If you want to go to work, then—“

She slapped a hand over his mouth. “Oh no. Unh-uh. I’m going.”

Laughing he popped his knees up to tumble her forward. When her hands slid away for balance and her lips hovered over his, he grinned. “I think bribing is in order now.”

Tessa’s lips quirked, “Oh really?”

“Yes, really.”

She let her sheet slide away, pressing her naked breasts into his chest.

He glanced down made a little face of maybe. “Eh, I had that last night. I want something else.”

Her eyebrows rose. “You’re such a shit!”

He dumped her on the bed and rolled over on his stomach. “I’ll take a backrub instead.”

Tessa wiggled her foot under his hip. “A backrub, huh?”

Jon buried his head in his crossed arms. “Yeah, that’d be—“ He grunted as her foot flipped up and she kicked him off the bed.

“I’ll remember that you asked for a back rub instead of sex for the next six months you know!” she called out and headed for the shower. She laughed when she heard the muttered, “Man! What is it with her and knockin’ me off beds!” from the bedroom and shut the door.


Chapter 120

Lifting her hand back to slide into his hair she held him closer arching against his questing hand. “Don’t wait. Touch me,” she breathed out. “God, I need you to touch me,” she whispered as his hands slid over the cashmere of the dress coasting along her hips.

His knees brushed the back of hers as he started tugging the material up. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, nosing along the nape of her neck. His breath heavy along her skin as the air caressed her thighs first.

Whimpering as he drew it over her hips her head fell back against his chest. The slowness was almost worse than the waiting. She wanted to rip the dress up and over her head, but her feet were cemented to the floor and her arms were too heavy to move. His lips slowly traced the scooped neckline that widened over her shoulders.

She gasped as the cool air washed over the scrap of lace she wore. He watched over her shoulder as more and more of her was revealed. His right hand raked lightly over her thigh then teased his way up the seam of skin that met leg and center. Barely touching, he traced his fingertips over her belly, flattening his palm over the quivering muscles there. Arrowing down, he pushed his fingers just into her panties and held her there.

Teasing with the lightest of pressure, but he didn’t move any lower. Groaning, she pressed back against him. “Tease,” she groaned.

“All night,” he whispered. “This night isn’t going to end until one of us begs for mercy.”

His other hand slowly drew the dress up and over her head leaving her pendant to thud against her chest hot as the way he made her feel. Still leaving that one hand hovering over the heart of her his other hand roamed over her hip first, then up her ribs until he found the underside of her matching bra.

“Were you thinking of me when you put this on?” he asked letting his middle finger coast over her nipple.

“Yes,” she managed to whisper.

His right hand slid just a touch lower into her panties as his teeth scraped over her the flesh stretching between her shoulder and neck. He crouched lower and raked his nails down her left thigh, over the stretchy tops of her tights. “You know these make me insane, right?”

Surprised that a laugh could come out of her now she nodded, “I like making you crazy.”

His right hand left her panties leaving them to snap against her skin lightly. Groaning she made a move to turn around, but he stilled her with his hands on her hips. “Stay,” he murmured and his heat disappeared.

Standing in the middle of the floor as the music suddenly came into focus she hissed when his touch started at her ankles. She heard a rustle of clothing and something hit the floor. Soft, haunting strings of a song she didn’t know filled the room and her eyes filled as it spoke of home.

His hand circled her ankle then widened to cup her calf and up to her knee. His nose and lips brushed the back of her knee leaving her vulnerable and achy. Swaying a little as her legs tried to buckle his hands gripped the back of her thighs. Moved up once more his breath was hot and distracting as it blew across the high curve of her cheeks peeking from the black lace.

His thumbs traced the crease where thigh met rounded flesh. “You’re so soft.” His voice buzzed low and deep against the dip of her waist at the top of her cleft. Her insides quaked as his tongue followed each dip and line of her spine until he reached the snap of her bra.

Standing now, he released the catch and inched the straps of her bra down her arms. “It never ceases to amaze me how velvety smooth your skin is.” His fingers slowly lowered the bra until her breasts swung free. Her head fell back again as her entire body was pulled into him.

Heat, man and the springy hair of his chest burned her. Wanting to hold onto the tiny shred of sanity she had she took a slow breath. Haunting strings seemed to accentuate the way her entire body hummed. His hands slid around her waist again and up over her breasts cupping her until she flowed up from his fingers and the tight tips of her nipples burned in the center of his hands.

“Tessa,” he said against her ear. Shuddering she turned her head to find his mouth. The kiss was achingly slow as lips brushed over lips and the butterfly touch of his tongue against the corner of her mouth left her unable to think at all. Her left hand reached back to find the coarse material of his jeans as she held onto his thighs gripping against the slow destruction he was causing.

His right hand slid down her ribs to her belly again and she distantly heard his own groan when he finally drifted down into her panties to find her smooth. Nothing hid her from him and he pressed his middle finger lower until she jerked against him. The kiss went hot as his tongue thrusted into her mouth in time with his fingers.

Crying out, she opened herself to him her hand raising to his face drawing him closer as the kiss spun out and they had to break apart for breath. His mouth moved back to her neck and she could feel his eyes on her as he watched himself pleasure her. Arching she rubbed her ass against the tight rise of his cock. “Jon,” she panted. “Please.”

Suddenly his fingers slowed. “No,” he said and the gentle glide of his fingers stopped the free fall, instead, leaving her dangling on the edge.

“God,” she whimpered and tried to push herself against him.

“Shhh…I wanted this to be slow,” he took a deep breath of his own. “Slow and soft. I need your soft,” he said on a low voice.

Unable to deny that kind of request she forced her quaking body to still. “Sloooow,” she breathed. She wasn’t sure what it was about tonight that brought this out in him, but she would kill herself to try and give it to him.

His fingers drifted away and he walked around her. His eyes were dark and intense as he looked at her. She swallowed with a little difficulty as she took the rest of him in. He’d trimmed again, leaving his chest hair fuller at his the upper part of his chest and smoother, finer along his belly and down into the V of his jeans. Worn jeans hugged him showing the tight shaft of his cock arrowing up toward his belt. A wide silver buckle and plain black belt accentuated his cinched in waist.

“The way you look at me,” he groaned. “It makes me so hard I can’t think.”

She reached forward her fingers sliding over the rigid line of his shaft and up to the buckle. “Don’t think. Touch me,” she sighed and flipped out the end from his belt loops and tugged until it loosened. “The way you want me,” she watched his eyes heat, “it makes me feel like I can’t breathe sometimes.”

She jerked it free and let the belt thunk to the floor. Gliding her palm up his rock hard belly to the crisp hair of his chest where it curved into his pecs she sighed. Tracing her thumb over the diamond hard nipple nestled in there she brushed back and forth. “Just touch me,” she breathed.


Jon felt the ache low in his gut. This woman and her constant giving humbled him every time he touched her. She made him want to give more and live more. The week in the studio had drained him.

Songs and creating usually energized him, but the words and the loss that was careening its way through this album made him cherish her all the more. He’d started as lost as Richie was feeling, but found this woman and this love that he’d never thought he could find again. After pouring his guts into one of the saddest songs he’d ever written and recorded he’d needed her healing touch.

He needed this night of just them and just the connection that healed him. The mood of the night was heightened by songs he could control and giving her as much as she gave to him. Taking her by the hand he circled the couch to find the pallet of blankets and pillows he’d put near the fire.

He wanted to give her romance. Wanting to show her just how much she meant to him was paramount to getting through this week for him. And as Marc Broussard’s voice rasped over the speakers he pulled her down with him.

He wished he’d written the song. It was the heart of Tessa and the soul of the song was his now as he laid her down. Her hair was fire on the green and gold throws he’d set on the carpet. The words were her, the epitome of everything she was to him.

There's a soft, sweet space on the back of your neck

(smells like rain)

There's a way you look at me, baby

(heals my pain)

Now, I've studied every inch of your body

(baby, what's on your mind)

The touch of your skin just pulls me in

(every single time)

He curled her underneath him, letting their legs tangle as he eased on top of her. The tips of her nipples teased him as he leaned into her. The restless movement of her hips against his jeans just echoed everything he felt for her. Hot, restless…needy. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman had brought him to that place.

There's a silent conversation

Filled with hidden revelations

In your eyes

He watched her face as he touched her reverently. Firelight and heat surrounded them as his lips feasted on her flesh. Each quiver and response brought him higher. Each time she whispered his name he sunk further into her.

Baby, I'm so into you

Every whisper from your soul to my heart

Baby, I know it's true

You're a sweet, little mystery

Sent to me from the stars

And that's the beauty of who you are

Oh yeah

There's a faith you're saving for a rainy day

I could use right now

There's a way you move my soul to sing

Only you know how

As her hands slid up his back and her fingers gripped the muscles there he rose to meet her mouth. Her taste was everything and he let it tumble him into the gentleness of her heart and the giving soul he couldn’t live without.

You are sensual salvation

With the holiest temptation

Baby, I'm never, never, never gonna be the same

Her hands lowered to the band of his jeans and her fingers eased around to free him. She pushed the denim over his hips and her nails coasted over his ass squeezing until a touch of laughter sweetened their kiss.

He looked down at her, the green of her eyes going smoky with that indefinable love she offered him again and again. Even without words he could see the forever in her eyes and he held onto it. He wanted forever. Wanted it so bad he could feel it in his guts and like a seed of hope he let it grow. He would make forever with this woman, no matter what it took.

Backing off of her to kick off his jeans he slowly peeled her panties down laying a soft kiss at the center of her but no more than that. Disposing of the tights he watched her open for him and he knew this was right.

Just her tonight.

Nothing between them but skin and the scent of pears reaffirming that love could happen again.

That the loss he felt coming off of Richie and bleeding into their songs could be taken away because of her. Kissing his way up her soft skin he curled his hand under her back and lifted her up as he glided home.

Her gasp of pleasure fed the climb as he kept the pace slow. Each fisting push and release was more intense than the last. The fine sheen of sweat that glistened on her skin in the fire reminded him of the connection of that first night.

Even then his body knew and even now he knew he’d fight hell to keep her. Losing this wasn’t an option. And the soft keening cry of his name on her lips let him finally take what his body was craving.

He took from her all that she offered. And the aftermath was a whole heart that only Tessa could give him.

Chapter NOTE:

All the songs can be found in the Soundrack section.

The songs are :

Blake Shelton - Home

Mazzy Star - Into Dust

Marc Broussard - The Beauty of Who You Are


Chapter 119

The next few weeks were a blur of activity. Jon and the guys were working hard on a few of the songs they were thinking about using for the record. The store was finally actually going through their spring inventory and she hadn’t seen Jon for more than a stolen hour in days.

“Go home!” came the yell from the back of the store.

“I’ve only got a few more—“

“HOME! Now! Go take a shower, pretty up and kiss that hot man of yours. I’m sick of looking at you!” Nic yelled.

Tessa sighed. They still had another three days before the inventory was scheduled to be done. It wasn’t like she had to do it at any particular time…it was her store. But she had a business plan and wanted to stick to it.

“I know you’re still here!”

Frowning she stood up. “Who’s the owner here?” she asked from the Mystery section.

“You made me assistant manager, so I’m managing.” Nichole came around the corner wiping her hands on her dusty jeans. She tucked a mangled lock of dark hair behind her ear. “The last time you saw Jon was Valentines Day. Do you know how long ago that was?”

“Have pity, I’m losing days here.”

“A week.”

Tessa frowned. “No, that can’t be…” she trailed off. Well hell, that was right. He’d whisked her away for an overnight at his Hamptons home in the dead of winter. It had been fabulous. Who knew that the beach in the winter could be so stimulating. She flushed at the thought.

“You gotta stop doing that blushing thing when you don’t give details, dammit!”

Tessa swallowed a smile. “Some things you just gotta keep to yourself, Miss Nosy.”

“And some people are just cruel. C’mon, just something.” Nic came closer and leaned on the bookcase. “One thing.” She snagged Tessa’s sweatshirt. “I’m begging here, yes it’s pathetic, but I’m begging.”

Tessa patted her hand. So, maybe one or two details wouldn’t hurt. “There were things dipped in a chocolate fountain, and not all of it was fruit.” She watched her friend’s mouth fall open and her eyes dilate.

“For real?” Nic groaned, “That’s not right. I gotta go get chocolate dip on my way home now.” She stomped away then stopped. “Well, maybe I’ll go for that caramel stuff for the apples.” She turned back and grinned. “I don’t want to copy everything.” She gripped the bookcase. “Damn girl, I—“ She growled. “You go home now and do something crazy then report to me tomorrow so I can plan accordingly.”

Tessa laughed. “You are seriously touched, my friend.”

She headed to the front of the store. “Chocolate? Man!” Tessa heard the door to the cashbox slam shut then another yell. “Front door in five minutes!”

Sighing, Tessa finished loading the numbers in her scanner and gathered her things. It was probably a good idea to go home before midnight at least once that week. Okay, so it was more like two in the morning, but who was counting? Heading into her office she grabbed her bag, grinning when she saw her phone flashing a message.

She flipped it open and hit the buttons to retrieve her text message:

1 Wk w/out GF = BLUE BALLS

COME HOME! Me and my bed miss you equally.

She quickly typed back that she missed him too and got an instant response:

15 mins or I’m coming to get you.

She quickly typed back:

Give me 30 so I can be pretty.



Snapping her phone shut, she quickly locked up and waved to Nic. Trying not to break a half dozen laws she made it home and up the stairs within ten minutes. Thankfully she’d done all her primpy shaving and shampooing that morning, so she was able to just wash off the store grime and leave her hair alone.

Standing in front of her closet she stared at the racks of clothes. “Ugh,” she muttered. Flipping through the hangers she finally found a simple sweater dress to combat the frigid February wind that would blow through his property from the river. Grinning when she found a pair of thigh high tights in her drawer in jet black she snapped them at the top of her thighs…no garter.

She had a feeling they wouldn’t be on long.

Stepping into a pair of stilettos that Jon had bought for her on his last trip into the city, she fluffed her hair and spritzed some of her body spray then adding a dash of spice to the center of her bra she hit the stairs running.

The drive to Jon’s house was eerily like her first time. Nerves fluttered and anticipation left her blood thick in her veins making her breath come a little fast. She was waiting for the blush to fade. Waiting for the time when she wouldn’t want him so very much.

She punched her code into the gate. As she parked, she figured she’d be waiting a damn long time. She picked her way across the patches of ice and snow and grinned at the note fluttering on the door.

Come in…leave your worries outside.

It’s just us tonight…



His blocky letters, thick with a Sharpie’s ink shouted from the page. The need curled through her, blasting through her until her fingers were unsteady on the doorknob. Pushing inside she sighed.

The lights were low and music flooded the house from every speaker. She heard the crackle and pop of the fireplace and followed it to the living room. Dropping her coat on the chair by the door she smiled.

In front of the fire there was wine and glasses, fruit and cheese and a tub of Cool Whip. Grinning, she saw the soft red of the blanket to make the carpet picnic complete. She lifted the pendant he’d given her, sliding it along the chain slowly as she saw the shadow slide across the floor.

She let the sigh of breath shudder a little as his lips brushed her neck.

“Hi,” he said softly letting his hands drift over her hips and around her in a hug her back to his front. “I’ve missed you.”

She let her head tip back against his chest as she met his mouth in an unhurried kiss. Breath and lips tangled slowly as Keith Urban crooned about memories. She turned in his arms, slipping her fingers into his hair as his hands slid lower over her hips curving around each cheek dragging her into him.

Without thought they slowly drifted in a loose dance, thigh to thigh and heart to heart. The kisses were slow and sweet as they familiarized themselves with each other again. Unhurried they touched as the music swirled around them. The room buzzed with voices she knew and some she didn’t.

She smiled when The Goo Goo Dolls soared around the room as Johnny RezNic’s epic voice spoke of being right there in the moment. As the song hit its peak Jon caught her closer and she laughed when he swiftly dipped her and tasted his way up her neck.

When she was upright again and the world stopped spinning she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You have a knack, sir.”

He continued driving her mad with little touches and kisses along her neck. “I do?”

As the music tumbled into playful brass she laughed as the dancing went from smooth to sexy. His hips bumped along hers as they dipped low and he twirled her out then back in until her bottom was snugged into his front. Put your hands on me took on a new meaning as he flattened his hand across her belly pushing her back letting her feel just how much he wanted her. “Oh God,” she breathed.

“I want you so bad,” he whispered letting his fingers slide from her belly to cup her breast then up to her neck as he took advantage of her neck. His lips buzzed her ear then back to the line of flesh that made her moan. “The studio is so boring sometimes that all I can do is sit there and imagine you naked.”

Her eyes closed as the music went soft again with the watery, ethereal tones of Coldplay. His mouth hovered over her ear and nipped her lobe. “I don’t want to wait,” he breathed.

Chapter NOTE: All the songs are in the soundtrack folder if you want the songs that Jon and Tessa are dancing to. ;)

Making Memories of Us - Keith Urban
Without You Here - The Goo Goo Dolls
Put Your Hands On Me - Joss Stone
In My Place - Coldplay


Chapter 118

Jon could feel the haze of the alcohol blurring some of the edges still. The party had been in full swing for a few hours and he had the most beautiful girl on her knees in front of him. They’d settled nicely into a great life and kept up a healthy sex-life with no end in sight.

But the sight of her there, her slim fingers cupping the soft denim, molding his hard cock as she looked up at him. He took a quick breath. Was there anything hotter than a woman that gave herself like that? She leaned in, her eyes a little wide and wild like her hair tonight.

When her mouth opened over the denim and her hot breath surrounded him, his head tipped back. “Oh God, Tess.”

When her fingers went to the zipper, he bit down on his bottom lip against the need to groan out loud. Each slow tick of teeth sliding through the zipper pounded like a heartbeat in the center of his dick. He hissed, “Tessa.”

She stopped unzipping and her mouth returned to the denim. “Is this what you wanted?” she breathed. Her fingers dug into his thighs as her teeth bit down gently through the denim.

“Shit!” he hissed.

She looked up at him, those green eyes dark with intent as she slowly peeled the denim apart. Her hand slid under his shirt and the palm pressed into the muscles along his lower belly as she widened her fingers. Even just the smallest pressure had him groaning as her nails trailed through the rougher hairs that arrowed into his jeans.

He jerked as they curled down to wrap around the base of his cock. Bit back a low guttural groan when her hot mouth took him in. And when she took him all he arched off the counter when the tight back of her mouth took him deeper. Sinfully hot and the rasp of her tongue along the underside of his shaft had him close.

He slid his fingers into her hair trying desperately to keep some semblance of control when all he wanted to do was fuck her mouth. “God, yes,” he whispered as she upped the tempo jerking down his jeans so she could cup him at the same time.

It was the giggle that first dented the haze of his brain. No way. Not now. “Fuck!” he said as she sucked harder. Maybe he could finish. The doorknob jittered as he heard voices.

“Oh my God, Adam. We,” he heard the giggle. “Right in his house?”

Jon heard the thud of bodies landing against the door and the giggle interrupted in what was probably a kiss.


She pulled away, the tip of her tongue flicking his head. His eyes nearly crossed as she jerked up as the door flew open. Nic and Adam were in a clinch, his hand at her hip and one going under her shirt.

Jon flipped her around and shielded her naked top half, turning to face the back of the pantry.

Nic shrieked, quickly pulling down her own sweater.

Jon bit back a groan as he stuffed himself back into his jeans. “Shit, where’s your sweater?” he whispered.

“I don’t know,” Tessa whispered furiously, trying to get her bra up and around her shoulders.

“This one!” Nichole volunteered, waving the berry colored sweater.

Jon closed the bottom two buttons to turn around and not show Tessa’s best friends just what was in his goddamn pants.

“Nic get out!” Tessa called from the corner.

“Are you kidding—“


Nic gave Jon a once over, her eyes widening at the open shirt and swallowed with a blush as she handed over the sweater. “I can see why you dragged him into the pantry.”

“Nichole!” Adam said and tugged her toward the door.

“Is it wrong that I had the same idea?” She called out just before Adam shut the door.

Jon sagged against the counter and turned her around. “Well, almost the same idea,” he sighed and stood in front of her as he pulled the cups of her bra together. “I had such plans for you guys,” he said with a grin and flicked the catch in the front closed after a little juggling.

When she slapped his arm he laughed and lifted them so the cups were just right. “What? Gotta get them in there all snug and safe.”

She reached around and tugged down the back. “I can’t believe we got caught in your own house,” she said and shook her head. “By Nic no less. For God’s sake, I’m never going to hear the end of that.”

He groaned, “Yeah well, if she just had waited two more minutes.”

“Yeah, I kinda figured you liked that little thing—“

Jon kissed her quickly. “Just don’t talk about it, you’re killing me here.”

Tessa looped her arms around his neck and hugged him. When he gasped and pulled the bottom half of himself away she laughed. “Oh darlin’, I’m sorry.” She slid her hand down and laughed when he hissed. “I guess we’ll have to finish that later.”

Jon’s head tipped back. “Maaaaan.”


Tessa peeked out the door and shut it just as fast. No way. No friggin’ way, she thought with a bit of panic.

“What?” Jon said and tugged her butt against his still semi-hard cock.

“This can’t be happening,” she thunked her forehead against the door.

Jon laughed. “What it can’t be-“ he reached around her and opened the door and laughed when the whole party was standing in his kitchen clapping. “Nice, guys. What? You don’t have anything better to do?” He clasped Tessa’s hand and pulled her out.

“I wanna play Seven Minutes in Heaven next!” Dave called out from the back.

“Fuck off, fucker!” Jon said and pulled her into his side. “You’re embarrassing the hell out of her.”

Tessa winced and tucked her face into his shoulder then stood up straight. They would never let her live this down if she didn’t stop this right now. Taking a slow breath she grinned, “You couldn’t even handle four minutes, David.”

“Oh man, I think I just came,” Dave said.

Jon just laughed and hooked his arm around her neck and kissed her. “Man, I love you.” He dragged her into the middle of the room. “All right that’s enough! It’s time for another drink!”

Tessa made a bee-line for Nic. “You are awful!”

“Hey, I wasn’t the one giving—“

“Nic!” Adam grinned when she rounded on him. “How do you know you weren’t going to?”

Tessa laughed. “I blame the wine.”

Nic bumped her hip. “I blame those abs. Shit, girl. That’s not right in the least.”

Tessa grinned, “They’re not a hardship.” She wagged her eyebrows and grabbed another bottle from the wine fridge. “Now, the trick is to get you drunk enough so you don’t remember what you saw.”

The night went by in a blur of laughter and a touch of embarrassment. By the time everyone left or was ensconced in one of Jon’s dozen bedrooms it was going on four AM. Tessa crawled into their bed. “I don’t know how you do it,” she said and dropped onto her back.

“Does this mean I don’t get a finish of what you started?”

She lifted her head and tried to stir some interest. He did look good all rumpled, but she dropped back down. “I can just lie here,” she suggested.

He laughed and shucked his jeans and shirt. “Kinda takes all the fun out of it,” he said and flipped the sheets back.

She held up her hand and closed one eye. “Is the room spinning?’

“Not yet,” he said and rolled into the crisp blue sheets. “Are you drunk?” He curled into her completely clothed form. “Does that mean I can take advantage?”

“If it means you undress me, you can touch and flick whatever you want.”

Jon sat up and laughed. “Oh man, you are somethin’ else tonight.” He tugged her up to a seated position and flipped off her sweater. “Did you steal another bottle of wine?”

“Darlin’ I’m not even sure how many bottles I had.” She leaned on him, deciding the naked part was looking pretty good. She traced a finger over his shoulder, outlining the S of his superman carefully. “You sure are pretty,” she sighed. She tucked her chin into his shoulder as he unsnapped her bra. “How’d I get so lucky?” She hissed as the cool air of the room hit her and she shivered.

Jon rolled her onto her back and the room swam. “Oh man, careful there stripper man.”

Jon looked down at her, then laughed. “Stripper man?”

She lifted her hips as he unzipped her jeans. “Thanks for taking care of me,” she said softly and leaned back into the pillows. “Do you think your friends liked me and my friends?”

“Of course they did. Nic and Adam seemed to have a good time with everyone. You were the life of the party, not to mention the prettiest one there.”

“You’re just saying that because it was mostly boys,” she snorted.

“C’mon Tico’s usually the prettiest one there,” he teased.

She felt him unzip her boot distantly. “I’m just going to rest my eyes okay?”

She heard the light chuckle as her boots clunked to the floor…then nothing else.

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