Chapter 119

The next few weeks were a blur of activity. Jon and the guys were working hard on a few of the songs they were thinking about using for the record. The store was finally actually going through their spring inventory and she hadn’t seen Jon for more than a stolen hour in days.

“Go home!” came the yell from the back of the store.

“I’ve only got a few more—“

“HOME! Now! Go take a shower, pretty up and kiss that hot man of yours. I’m sick of looking at you!” Nic yelled.

Tessa sighed. They still had another three days before the inventory was scheduled to be done. It wasn’t like she had to do it at any particular time…it was her store. But she had a business plan and wanted to stick to it.

“I know you’re still here!”

Frowning she stood up. “Who’s the owner here?” she asked from the Mystery section.

“You made me assistant manager, so I’m managing.” Nichole came around the corner wiping her hands on her dusty jeans. She tucked a mangled lock of dark hair behind her ear. “The last time you saw Jon was Valentines Day. Do you know how long ago that was?”

“Have pity, I’m losing days here.”

“A week.”

Tessa frowned. “No, that can’t be…” she trailed off. Well hell, that was right. He’d whisked her away for an overnight at his Hamptons home in the dead of winter. It had been fabulous. Who knew that the beach in the winter could be so stimulating. She flushed at the thought.

“You gotta stop doing that blushing thing when you don’t give details, dammit!”

Tessa swallowed a smile. “Some things you just gotta keep to yourself, Miss Nosy.”

“And some people are just cruel. C’mon, just something.” Nic came closer and leaned on the bookcase. “One thing.” She snagged Tessa’s sweatshirt. “I’m begging here, yes it’s pathetic, but I’m begging.”

Tessa patted her hand. So, maybe one or two details wouldn’t hurt. “There were things dipped in a chocolate fountain, and not all of it was fruit.” She watched her friend’s mouth fall open and her eyes dilate.

“For real?” Nic groaned, “That’s not right. I gotta go get chocolate dip on my way home now.” She stomped away then stopped. “Well, maybe I’ll go for that caramel stuff for the apples.” She turned back and grinned. “I don’t want to copy everything.” She gripped the bookcase. “Damn girl, I—“ She growled. “You go home now and do something crazy then report to me tomorrow so I can plan accordingly.”

Tessa laughed. “You are seriously touched, my friend.”

She headed to the front of the store. “Chocolate? Man!” Tessa heard the door to the cashbox slam shut then another yell. “Front door in five minutes!”

Sighing, Tessa finished loading the numbers in her scanner and gathered her things. It was probably a good idea to go home before midnight at least once that week. Okay, so it was more like two in the morning, but who was counting? Heading into her office she grabbed her bag, grinning when she saw her phone flashing a message.

She flipped it open and hit the buttons to retrieve her text message:

1 Wk w/out GF = BLUE BALLS

COME HOME! Me and my bed miss you equally.

She quickly typed back that she missed him too and got an instant response:

15 mins or I’m coming to get you.

She quickly typed back:

Give me 30 so I can be pretty.



Snapping her phone shut, she quickly locked up and waved to Nic. Trying not to break a half dozen laws she made it home and up the stairs within ten minutes. Thankfully she’d done all her primpy shaving and shampooing that morning, so she was able to just wash off the store grime and leave her hair alone.

Standing in front of her closet she stared at the racks of clothes. “Ugh,” she muttered. Flipping through the hangers she finally found a simple sweater dress to combat the frigid February wind that would blow through his property from the river. Grinning when she found a pair of thigh high tights in her drawer in jet black she snapped them at the top of her thighs…no garter.

She had a feeling they wouldn’t be on long.

Stepping into a pair of stilettos that Jon had bought for her on his last trip into the city, she fluffed her hair and spritzed some of her body spray then adding a dash of spice to the center of her bra she hit the stairs running.

The drive to Jon’s house was eerily like her first time. Nerves fluttered and anticipation left her blood thick in her veins making her breath come a little fast. She was waiting for the blush to fade. Waiting for the time when she wouldn’t want him so very much.

She punched her code into the gate. As she parked, she figured she’d be waiting a damn long time. She picked her way across the patches of ice and snow and grinned at the note fluttering on the door.

Come in…leave your worries outside.

It’s just us tonight…



His blocky letters, thick with a Sharpie’s ink shouted from the page. The need curled through her, blasting through her until her fingers were unsteady on the doorknob. Pushing inside she sighed.

The lights were low and music flooded the house from every speaker. She heard the crackle and pop of the fireplace and followed it to the living room. Dropping her coat on the chair by the door she smiled.

In front of the fire there was wine and glasses, fruit and cheese and a tub of Cool Whip. Grinning, she saw the soft red of the blanket to make the carpet picnic complete. She lifted the pendant he’d given her, sliding it along the chain slowly as she saw the shadow slide across the floor.

She let the sigh of breath shudder a little as his lips brushed her neck.

“Hi,” he said softly letting his hands drift over her hips and around her in a hug her back to his front. “I’ve missed you.”

She let her head tip back against his chest as she met his mouth in an unhurried kiss. Breath and lips tangled slowly as Keith Urban crooned about memories. She turned in his arms, slipping her fingers into his hair as his hands slid lower over her hips curving around each cheek dragging her into him.

Without thought they slowly drifted in a loose dance, thigh to thigh and heart to heart. The kisses were slow and sweet as they familiarized themselves with each other again. Unhurried they touched as the music swirled around them. The room buzzed with voices she knew and some she didn’t.

She smiled when The Goo Goo Dolls soared around the room as Johnny RezNic’s epic voice spoke of being right there in the moment. As the song hit its peak Jon caught her closer and she laughed when he swiftly dipped her and tasted his way up her neck.

When she was upright again and the world stopped spinning she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You have a knack, sir.”

He continued driving her mad with little touches and kisses along her neck. “I do?”

As the music tumbled into playful brass she laughed as the dancing went from smooth to sexy. His hips bumped along hers as they dipped low and he twirled her out then back in until her bottom was snugged into his front. Put your hands on me took on a new meaning as he flattened his hand across her belly pushing her back letting her feel just how much he wanted her. “Oh God,” she breathed.

“I want you so bad,” he whispered letting his fingers slide from her belly to cup her breast then up to her neck as he took advantage of her neck. His lips buzzed her ear then back to the line of flesh that made her moan. “The studio is so boring sometimes that all I can do is sit there and imagine you naked.”

Her eyes closed as the music went soft again with the watery, ethereal tones of Coldplay. His mouth hovered over her ear and nipped her lobe. “I don’t want to wait,” he breathed.

Chapter NOTE: All the songs are in the soundtrack folder if you want the songs that Jon and Tessa are dancing to. ;)

Making Memories of Us - Keith Urban
Without You Here - The Goo Goo Dolls
Put Your Hands On Me - Joss Stone
In My Place - Coldplay


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Yay for the new chapter Tara - and thanks for the songs too. :) However, Jon's last line "I don't want to Wait" is exactly how I feel right now!! Don't keep us waiting PULEEZE!!!!

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