Chapter 118

Jon could feel the haze of the alcohol blurring some of the edges still. The party had been in full swing for a few hours and he had the most beautiful girl on her knees in front of him. They’d settled nicely into a great life and kept up a healthy sex-life with no end in sight.

But the sight of her there, her slim fingers cupping the soft denim, molding his hard cock as she looked up at him. He took a quick breath. Was there anything hotter than a woman that gave herself like that? She leaned in, her eyes a little wide and wild like her hair tonight.

When her mouth opened over the denim and her hot breath surrounded him, his head tipped back. “Oh God, Tess.”

When her fingers went to the zipper, he bit down on his bottom lip against the need to groan out loud. Each slow tick of teeth sliding through the zipper pounded like a heartbeat in the center of his dick. He hissed, “Tessa.”

She stopped unzipping and her mouth returned to the denim. “Is this what you wanted?” she breathed. Her fingers dug into his thighs as her teeth bit down gently through the denim.

“Shit!” he hissed.

She looked up at him, those green eyes dark with intent as she slowly peeled the denim apart. Her hand slid under his shirt and the palm pressed into the muscles along his lower belly as she widened her fingers. Even just the smallest pressure had him groaning as her nails trailed through the rougher hairs that arrowed into his jeans.

He jerked as they curled down to wrap around the base of his cock. Bit back a low guttural groan when her hot mouth took him in. And when she took him all he arched off the counter when the tight back of her mouth took him deeper. Sinfully hot and the rasp of her tongue along the underside of his shaft had him close.

He slid his fingers into her hair trying desperately to keep some semblance of control when all he wanted to do was fuck her mouth. “God, yes,” he whispered as she upped the tempo jerking down his jeans so she could cup him at the same time.

It was the giggle that first dented the haze of his brain. No way. Not now. “Fuck!” he said as she sucked harder. Maybe he could finish. The doorknob jittered as he heard voices.

“Oh my God, Adam. We,” he heard the giggle. “Right in his house?”

Jon heard the thud of bodies landing against the door and the giggle interrupted in what was probably a kiss.


She pulled away, the tip of her tongue flicking his head. His eyes nearly crossed as she jerked up as the door flew open. Nic and Adam were in a clinch, his hand at her hip and one going under her shirt.

Jon flipped her around and shielded her naked top half, turning to face the back of the pantry.

Nic shrieked, quickly pulling down her own sweater.

Jon bit back a groan as he stuffed himself back into his jeans. “Shit, where’s your sweater?” he whispered.

“I don’t know,” Tessa whispered furiously, trying to get her bra up and around her shoulders.

“This one!” Nichole volunteered, waving the berry colored sweater.

Jon closed the bottom two buttons to turn around and not show Tessa’s best friends just what was in his goddamn pants.

“Nic get out!” Tessa called from the corner.

“Are you kidding—“


Nic gave Jon a once over, her eyes widening at the open shirt and swallowed with a blush as she handed over the sweater. “I can see why you dragged him into the pantry.”

“Nichole!” Adam said and tugged her toward the door.

“Is it wrong that I had the same idea?” She called out just before Adam shut the door.

Jon sagged against the counter and turned her around. “Well, almost the same idea,” he sighed and stood in front of her as he pulled the cups of her bra together. “I had such plans for you guys,” he said with a grin and flicked the catch in the front closed after a little juggling.

When she slapped his arm he laughed and lifted them so the cups were just right. “What? Gotta get them in there all snug and safe.”

She reached around and tugged down the back. “I can’t believe we got caught in your own house,” she said and shook her head. “By Nic no less. For God’s sake, I’m never going to hear the end of that.”

He groaned, “Yeah well, if she just had waited two more minutes.”

“Yeah, I kinda figured you liked that little thing—“

Jon kissed her quickly. “Just don’t talk about it, you’re killing me here.”

Tessa looped her arms around his neck and hugged him. When he gasped and pulled the bottom half of himself away she laughed. “Oh darlin’, I’m sorry.” She slid her hand down and laughed when he hissed. “I guess we’ll have to finish that later.”

Jon’s head tipped back. “Maaaaan.”


Tessa peeked out the door and shut it just as fast. No way. No friggin’ way, she thought with a bit of panic.

“What?” Jon said and tugged her butt against his still semi-hard cock.

“This can’t be happening,” she thunked her forehead against the door.

Jon laughed. “What it can’t be-“ he reached around her and opened the door and laughed when the whole party was standing in his kitchen clapping. “Nice, guys. What? You don’t have anything better to do?” He clasped Tessa’s hand and pulled her out.

“I wanna play Seven Minutes in Heaven next!” Dave called out from the back.

“Fuck off, fucker!” Jon said and pulled her into his side. “You’re embarrassing the hell out of her.”

Tessa winced and tucked her face into his shoulder then stood up straight. They would never let her live this down if she didn’t stop this right now. Taking a slow breath she grinned, “You couldn’t even handle four minutes, David.”

“Oh man, I think I just came,” Dave said.

Jon just laughed and hooked his arm around her neck and kissed her. “Man, I love you.” He dragged her into the middle of the room. “All right that’s enough! It’s time for another drink!”

Tessa made a bee-line for Nic. “You are awful!”

“Hey, I wasn’t the one giving—“

“Nic!” Adam grinned when she rounded on him. “How do you know you weren’t going to?”

Tessa laughed. “I blame the wine.”

Nic bumped her hip. “I blame those abs. Shit, girl. That’s not right in the least.”

Tessa grinned, “They’re not a hardship.” She wagged her eyebrows and grabbed another bottle from the wine fridge. “Now, the trick is to get you drunk enough so you don’t remember what you saw.”

The night went by in a blur of laughter and a touch of embarrassment. By the time everyone left or was ensconced in one of Jon’s dozen bedrooms it was going on four AM. Tessa crawled into their bed. “I don’t know how you do it,” she said and dropped onto her back.

“Does this mean I don’t get a finish of what you started?”

She lifted her head and tried to stir some interest. He did look good all rumpled, but she dropped back down. “I can just lie here,” she suggested.

He laughed and shucked his jeans and shirt. “Kinda takes all the fun out of it,” he said and flipped the sheets back.

She held up her hand and closed one eye. “Is the room spinning?’

“Not yet,” he said and rolled into the crisp blue sheets. “Are you drunk?” He curled into her completely clothed form. “Does that mean I can take advantage?”

“If it means you undress me, you can touch and flick whatever you want.”

Jon sat up and laughed. “Oh man, you are somethin’ else tonight.” He tugged her up to a seated position and flipped off her sweater. “Did you steal another bottle of wine?”

“Darlin’ I’m not even sure how many bottles I had.” She leaned on him, deciding the naked part was looking pretty good. She traced a finger over his shoulder, outlining the S of his superman carefully. “You sure are pretty,” she sighed. She tucked her chin into his shoulder as he unsnapped her bra. “How’d I get so lucky?” She hissed as the cool air of the room hit her and she shivered.

Jon rolled her onto her back and the room swam. “Oh man, careful there stripper man.”

Jon looked down at her, then laughed. “Stripper man?”

She lifted her hips as he unzipped her jeans. “Thanks for taking care of me,” she said softly and leaned back into the pillows. “Do you think your friends liked me and my friends?”

“Of course they did. Nic and Adam seemed to have a good time with everyone. You were the life of the party, not to mention the prettiest one there.”

“You’re just saying that because it was mostly boys,” she snorted.

“C’mon Tico’s usually the prettiest one there,” he teased.

She felt him unzip her boot distantly. “I’m just going to rest my eyes okay?”

She heard the light chuckle as her boots clunked to the floor…then nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Seven minutes in heaven LMFAO Tara!!! OMG that was priceless - and poor Jonny boy.
Loved it as usual - How greedy would it be to greedy to say I WANT MORE NOW!!!

SoulGirl said...

Oh my sweet lord, those last two chapters were fantastically hilarious, hellishly hot and just god damn woman.

The fact they were all there outside the pantry, LMAO. I laughed so loud. This was great, freakin fantastic. Nicely done.

Tresc :)

Anonymous said...

JON where are you????? :)

Tara Leigh said...

I wish Jon were here...LOL!
Just my version.
Thanks as always for the feedback. I do live for it! LOL And this chapter was fun, if a little mean.heheh

Tre said...

LOL I loved it. Perfect party... Perfect comments.. cant wait to see the mornign after :)

Anonymous said...

damn girl - David couldn't last 4 min- that line was priceless! Loved how they crawled into bed - you have these characters so real to us -great work

- D

Anonymous said...


priceless! But poor Jonny.....Tessa has to finish something......lol

more please!!!

BJluver said...

Another awesome chapter!!!!

Stephanie said...

Loved it, loved it,loved it. Laughed out loud at the whole gang waiting outside the pantry. Tessa has a comeback for everything doesn't she?!

Poor Jon, got left hanging. I'm sure Tessa will take care of him in the morning.

Thanks Tara!

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