Chapter 114

Jon felt her fingers relax on his hand and he tried to swallow the grin. Things never got boring when it came to Tessa that was for sure. He felt the tremble of her thighs as he slowly pushed her higher. She kneaded his forearm as he turned his hand so that his thumb could slip higher, finding the pulsing knot of nerves he was searching for and damn if he wouldn’t concentrate on.

Watching her expressive face try to shield the reaction of his touch made him go bolder. He sucked back his own groan when her bottom lip went slack and her head started to dip back. Sliding two fingers inside of her, he pumped slowly as her even white teeth tugged on that bottom lip. Just where he wanted to be, just how he wanted to tug.

She crossed her leg over his hand, stilling his slow stroke. She lowered her chin back to an even position, her eyes forward as she pretended to be attentive to the speaker.

“Can’t take it?” he said with a near breathless tone.

Her fingernails slowly scraped up his forearm, flicking his cuff open to inch higher then scrape down. “Can you?” she asked as her legs scissored together, the whisper of silk and pressure of her nails lifted his cock into the game. She pushed his hand higher, driving his fingers into her as she opened for him.

When the speaker’s voice stopped and the crowd came to their feet, Jon stood and took advantage of the chaos as people started mingling. He dragged her across the room, and headed into the cloak room. The attendant, busy with her dinner and a friend in full on gossip mode, didn’t notice as he pushed her inside and low into the coats.

His mouth captured hers, harsh with want and the quick fix of her taste. She reached for his pants, the clink of leather and the metal of his buckle forced any and all blood flow from his head and into the waiting flesh at her hand. He hissed as she cupped him, drawing long and low to the base of him and up over the rigid length. The elastic of his shorts dug into his skin, distracting his brain enough that he used it to his advantage, flipping up her skirts up to run his hands down her hips and thigh. With a groan, he pushed her further into the coats.

An oversized fur stole landed at their feet. She dragged him closer with nails and teeth as she kissed him, pulling him to the floor with her. With fingers, none-too gentle she pushed and pulled at the buttons of his shirt, her lips and teeth making him nuts.

She flicked a tongue over his nipple and then nipped. “Hard. I need you,” she whispered roughly.

Spinning her around, with the ease of the stole with its slippery satin liner he pushed her forward. She pushed back on him eagerly, making his cock jump against the elastic of his shorts, until he was pressed tight against his belly. He was so hard he could feel the pulse of his own heartbeat.

Sliding the wispy fabric higher on her hips he moaned at the lines of garter and hose. Her porcelain skin and there…his heart beat slowed to a thick pulse…the wide slit of her panties. Her name came out on a guttural groan when he saw how slick and ready she was. With trembling fingers he cupped her, two fingers sliding deep into the dripping heat of her.

She turned around to him, her eyes wild as she pushed back on his hand. “Not enough,” she whispered. “You, just you. Hard, Jon.” She rolled her hips and he felt her gasp as much as he heard it as he plunged inside.

She surrounded him and he let his head tip back in pleasure as he started to move. The hard floor fell away as her body’s timeless rhythm enveloped him. And when her nails gripped his hips and she growled that one word, he pushed harder. He slammed inside of her until the sweat dripped down his cheek and the vicing strength of her milked him into submission.

His arms enveloped her as he slid from her, supporting her back against him, his lips buried into her hair, kissing the line of her shoulder and neck. “God, Tessa,” he managed.

Her nails eased over his forearms now, softly scraping in that easing way that would forever be associated with her. Her head rolled across his chest. “You make me insane.”

Looking down at her, breath ragged, skirt tossed up and smoky hose gripping her thighs left him a little off balance. For God’s sake they were in a closet. He heard the comings and goings of patrons around the area, the chirpy voice of the attendant still so far away and all he cared about was the woman on her knees in front him.

Grinning at the soft grey and white fur beneath her knees, he laughed. Twenty years ago he wouldn’t have blinked. Taking a groupie in a closet was almost the norm, but here with her? Rough and ready on thousands of dollars worth of coats and fur and he was just as randy. What was it about her that made him so reckless?

Now, in his life where his status as a serious philanthropist was almost as important as his music, he couldn’t wait to get inside of her. So much so, that he took her here. The speed that he went from calm to flame was amazing.

“Your brain is working overtime back there. You okay?” she asked, turning in his arms a little.

“I’m more than fine,” he said with a laugh. “Just a little surprised that I still had it in me to take you in a closet, babe.”

“Hell yeah, you did.” She leaned back on him. “Hell, we haven’t been able to have a moment like that in weeks. I think we were just both so bottled it wasn’t going to be stopped.”

He rested his chin on her shoulder. “I know. I’m sorry my life gets so insane.”

Tessa gripped his arms, smoothing over the black jacket. “Don’t apologize for your life Jon. I knew what I was getting into when I signed on. But if I get something like this every once in awhile, I’m never going to complain about a boring speech again.” She grinned back at him, nipping at his chin. “Or maybe I’ll complain to get this treatment.”

He eased back and started putting himself away. A little embarrassed that he’d lost it so completely. “What, a wild fuck on your knees?”

She stood on less than steady legs, winding her arms around his neck. “What woman wouldn’t be turned on that her man wanted her that bad,” she said with a grin into the kiss. “Besides…every once in awhile I want a wild fuck on my knees,” she said with a whisper.

Groaning he kissed her until he felt her wind herself around him. He smiled down at her. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

She let her fingers trail over his shoulders and down to the lavender shirt that was in complete disarray. Sliding her fingers down into the open buttons he groaned as his body stirred again. Her short nails made quick work of the tiny buttons, but not before he was already ready for a second round. “I think you’ll need to tuck it in yourself though,” she laughed.

He leaned in and nipped her chin. “Evil woman.” Deciding it was too obvious to leave his shirt tails out he winced as he tucked them yet again with a hard on tonight. Trying to distract his over active dick, he leaned down to pick up the fur stole. “Came in pretty handy.”

Tessa laughed. “Sure did.”

He hung it on a hanger and righted a few other coats before he took her hand, drawing her into the mingling people he would be required to talk to. Amazed as always, she didn’t complain, just threw herself into the thick of things. Her wide smile and the way she put people at ease took a load off his mind. Knowing she would be okay through one of these things, left him to do his job. The fact that she was never far away, but conscious of his need to mingle alone sometimes, was a blessing.

And as the evening drew to a close, he felt her tense. Searching the crowd for a reason, he caught Carol Rothchild’s wave as she made a bee line for them.

“Tessa!” she waved again. “And Jon, how nice to see you here.”

Tessa smiled, her PR smile. “Hello Carol. How are you?”

“Good.” She beamed,” Wonderful actually. We were so excited to come to this benefit.” Her shrewd bird-like eyes zeroed in on their linked hands. “I’d heard you two were an item now.”

He felt Tessa still, tension radiating down through her fingers. Before she could answer, Jon smiled. “You heard correct. She swept me off my feet. How’s a guy to resist someone so smart and beautiful?”

Tessa’s head twisted and her green eyes went from polite to twinkling. “He’s far too charming for his own good, Carol. Don’t listen to him.”

“Well I think it’s wonderful. So good for business too, I imagine,” she said with a brittle smile.

The twinkle dimmed as she took a step forward. Jon put a soothing hand on her lower back. “Tessa doesn’t need my help, that’s for sure. It was lovely to see you Mrs. Rothchild.” And just like that he dismissed her, walking toward the Mayor.

He saw the older woman take a step after them, practically screaming to be introduced, but he ignored her. When he heard Tessa’s muffled laugh he stretched out a hand to Pasquale Menna. “How are you tonight Mr. Mayor?”

Schmoozing a bit with the Mayor and a few councilmen, he finally managed to make a break for it. At Tessa’s relieved sigh he dug out their coat checks. “Ready to go home, babe.”

“God, yes.”

He laughed and felt his dick tingle a little as the doorway to the closet came into view. He handed the ticket over to the girl behind the counter. He felt an insistent tapping from Tessa and looked over his shoulder. “What?” he saw her wide green eyes practically brimming with…something.

“What?” he asked again.

She pointed at Carol Rothchild, nearly choking on a deep belly laugh.

“Yeah, so…” he trailed off as the older woman situated a grey and white fur stole over her shoulder. Two distinct knee depressions flanked each shoulder blade. He snorted. “Oh man, that’s classic.”


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