Just a Few Things To Be Thankful For

Hello to all my readers! I know I have a few that are out of the Continental US, but I'd just like to take a second to really THANK everyone that's been following this story.

It's been quite the journey and I know I fall off the map sometimes with the posting, but most of you stick with me--for that I am eternally grateful.

Tessa and MY version of Jon have become lasting characters that will forever be with me. As a writer, it's sometimes a blessing and a curse to fall in love with your characters. Sometimes they become just a little too real to me. Some things that have come to me on this lovely little journey.

* Umm...driving home from the market, a song comes on the iPod and all of a sudden I'm plotting how to use it.

* Driving from the market to my friend's house--figured out how to plot the pivotal scene between Jon and Tessa later in the story.

* Driving in the middle of the night--catching a theme here? LOL--found a way make New Year's special back on chapter 100. *faints--that's right, NOT finished on CHAPTER 100--stilllllll going*

* Redesigning Blog 3 times in the span of one story.

* Realizing that hey, there's more to an erotic romance than sex and people will STILL read it! HURRAY!

* That writing is what I truly love and it's gone past a hobby into a goal.

* That I've got the most amazing fans out there who care almost--if not more--than I do about the outcome of this story.

* That no matter where I go from here, this not so little story is my very first novel and I got to share it with all of you.

* That staring cross eyed at the computer makes me beyond happy.

You guys make the writing worth it. Even if someday I leave the FF genre behind, I know that you were with me at the start and I couldn't have gotten where I am right now without you, THE READERS.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything you do.



PS: And yes...I'll be back in the next week/week and a half with new chapters.


Big Apple Jovi Girl said...

Well ... we can be thankful that you have chosen to share your passion and talent with US!

Looking forward to new chapters when they come. Until then, I'm happy to revisit some of my favorite chapters again. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tara I am thankful that you have allowed us to be a part of you creative journey. It's been very exciting to watch the evolution of your talent.
I can honestly say that I also have had the lines between reality an fiction blurred at time thanks to you, Jon & Tessa. To me that is a true testament to your writing abilities.
And when you become a published author and I go out and purchase your book I will take great pleasure in saying I was there form the begining. Hey will your autograph my copy please :)
Enjoy your day,

Anonymous said...

I was Thankful back in October during my Thanksgiving and I'm Thankful now for the wonderful escape you provide. I love getting lost in your stories. When you're a famous author I'll be able to say I met her in Walmart! LOL
Can't wait for the next chapters!


heatherbonjovi said...

Hey Tara!!
I've been following this story since the begining, I have loved every second of it! Thanks for sharing this with us! Can't wait for the next chapter, and what else you may wright later on down the road!

SoulGirl said...

Aww well the feeling is very mutual. Well all know this is fiction but on some level I honestly forget when I'm reading this, you probably write the best "Jon" out there, in my view.

I think the true testament of being a great author is when your readers are so passionate about your characters, to the point they laugh, cry and yell with you. And you do that so well.

I certainly know that reading your work and knowing you has helped me shape alot of my own writing, so that is what I am thankful for ;)

And above all I'm thankful you share your talent with us all.


Jovi's Willow said...

Tara.. It is we who are thankful for you. Your stories pull us in, make us think and give us a "view" of Jon that we may not otherwise have. For me, the character in "Home" have far transcended beyong JBJ and is now really just a guy named Jon and a girl named Tessa and we love them both so much... and we love you too.

I am thankful for many things this year... for getting to be your friend, for getting to meet you (ever so briefly) in Boston, and for the Word document that was a permenant part of my USB key for some many months as I came late to the "Home" party.

I cannot wait for more from you, whether it be Jon and Tessa or other characters, I will be a fan of your reading forever.

mrssambora said...

I love your story, since the first chapter.
I'm one from the non American readers, but I really like to read your fiction!
I hope there will be much more chapters!
And THANK YOU for writing for US! It's a big pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara

I`m also a "non American"reader and have to say"I LOVE THIS STORY "in big capital letters,and with knobs on haha and I`m very thankful that you share it with us here.

This was the second FF I ever read following `The Layover`which I thought was excellent but you know what Tara you match it with this tale of Jon and Tessa.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter as always.

TaraLeigh said...

You guys are so amazing.
Thanks so much for all the lovely replies.

You put a smile on my face every time I get an update in my email.

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Tara- your writing is a gift! Thank you for sharing and I wish you the BEST of luck and success with that gift! I too will be waiting for that first novel and will be proud to say we knew you when.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,
guess there are more non American readers than you can imagine.
And yes, writing is like you described it. I myself tried a few times to write some short stories in the way you do it. Somtimes the characters become alive, you live and suffer with them, like there were real persons. You feel like you know them since a long time. And sometimes you think you get crazy, 'cause you start to talk to them. First writing is fun and later it becomes a passion. Tara, this story is so extraordinary great written. Please go on with it. I'm looking forward to the next chapters and thank you so much for which you've already written.
Conny, Germany

Anonymous said...

Hey Tara - any word on how Jon and Tessa are doing???? Miss them something awful :(

jerseygirl said...

Hey Tara, we are PATIENTLY waiting. And not that I'm counting but we have waited our week and a half. Can't wait to see what's been happening with Jon and Tessa!

Rike said...

Tara, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase. We're waiting sooooooo long. when can we read a new chapter. I guess I have to reread the last ones.

Anonymous said...

Tara! We have been waiting so long! I just went back over the past week and re-read the story for the the 3d time! What is going on with Jon and Tessa???!!!??? I miss them!

Judith said...

Tara please, we need more here...

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