Chapter 44

He leaned forward and placed her gently on his bed. But he only laughed when her fingers gripped his slacks and tugged. He glanced down at the dress pants at his ankles and then to her with a half laugh. “I’m trying to be sweet and gallant here and you pants me?”

She grinned up at him and hooked her thighs around his hips, pulling them both back on the bed. “I don’t want sweet. Though I did like the carrying thing even if it was a fireman’s carry,” she said between kisses. “I just want you.”

“You got me baby,” he dropped a kiss on her lips. “But I need to,” he pushed off of her, his arms flexing with muscle, “Get that bag full of treats before I get too distracted.” He hopped off the bed and shook his pants loose.

Tessa had to admit the vision of him running from the room in black socks and nothing else was going to stay with her for awhile. Not to mention the tight ass that went with all the rest.

He came back into the room and nearly lost his brains when he saw her laying spread out on his bed, one boot hooked over her knee swinging sassily. He dropped his socks on his pants and upended the bag. A startling array of condoms bounced and slid across his bed.

Tessa peered around her crossed legs. “Whatcha got there?”

“Possibly enough to get through the next day and a half,” he said with a cheeky grin.

“Oh, I thought it would only get us through the night,” she said with a mock pout.

He laughed and held the bag open to scoop the rest of the pile back into her bag, setting it next to the bed for easy reach. “Well I am over forty now,” he said and knelt on the bed, snapping one of the offending raincoats in place.

“Oh that’s right,..I’m sleeping with an old man. I keep forgetting.”

Jon stopped her swaying foot and inched his fingers up the knee length boot then opened her legs sweeping his fingers down her thighs until he got to her center. With only a spare warning he slipped two fingers inside of her. “Old?”

Tessa gasped and her body greedily adjusted to him. “Well it is your fingers that-“ she lost her words when he replaced his fingers immediately with his thick length.

He rotated his hips and deepened the thrust this time, wrapping her booted ankles around his back. “Old did you say?” he said and hovered over her mouth, just a breath away.

She arched, aching to have him drive into her again. “Yes, I did,” she managed to say as he filled her again, this time even slower. Each inch felt like he was breaking her apart and yet she took him and only wanted more.

With more control than he knew he had, he continued the slow measuring thrusts. The initial burst of mind bending orgasm left him clear headed now. He wanted her destroyed, wanted to show her how much he wanted her…needed to see her need. Needed to feel her need. And wanted so much to watch her fall apart in his arms.

Her hands rested on his shoulder as their eyes locked. His eyes were nearly black with wanting. And the amazing thing was that he wanted her. She let her hands trail down his sweat slicked back to the dip just above his butt then coasted over the smooth cheeks so she could feel each flex as he sunk into her.

He lowered his mouth to hers, yet kept his eyes open. He traced her lips with the tip of his tongue and continued the slow assault. She arched against him and he could feel the increased heartbeat as she tried to climb inside of him. Her thighs closed in on him tightening until the strokes became a near impossibility.

The cries that came from her were foreign to her own ears. Surely she couldn’t sigh and sob at the same time, could she? She’d been hoping to regain some control with the shorter thrusts, but it only drove her higher. Each brush of his body against hers then the feel of his heat surrounding her both inside and out had her mindless.

His name came out a hiccupping sigh as her slick walls poured with need. Sweat and her cum soaked them until the friction began to even blow through his own control. He pushed her higher, delved deeper when he heard her cries of release. “More,” he whispered into her ear. “I want more.”

She cried out his name in response and felt the shudder before she could bite back the scream that ripped through her. His hands came up to cup her head, tunneling through her hair as he continued to pump inside of her taking her mouth in a wild matching kiss to go with each hard thrust.

The destruction had been complete, so she had thought, but when he was satisfied with the number of orgasms he could pull from her he let go. Hips like pistons pummeled her with long, deep strokes as he let himself finish. The animal like groan in her ear left her shuddering through another orgasm with him.

Her legs fell away and out wide, unable to hold onto him any longer. He pressed soft kisses into her neck and cheek, then to her sweat soaked forehead and finally her mouth. “Old, huh?”

Tessa opened blurry eyes and the devil that lurked made her do it. At least that’s what she told herself later when he fucked her blind again. “Old,” she said again and laughed when he showed her again, just how ‘old’ he was.


Sue said...

OMG WOW - I am glad I checked before racing out to grab some lunch.
Hmm I feel like somthing "Old" lol

Megan said...

Hi Tara, I love the story. Its good, but to me it sounds more of a story on condoms than on JBJ. I'm sure jon would practice safe sex, but maybe we don't need to constantly be reminded that he is a good boy, cause if he was in my bedroom i would want him to be as naughty as he could possibly get -- wearing a condom of course :)
Just my thoughts. sorry to offend. Other than that I love it.

edgebag said...

I'm picturing him in those black socks... meeeyow! :o)

Aussiejovimum said...

I need a cigarette after all that, and I don't smoke any more lol.

Great Work Tara, keep it coming (pun intended lol). I've got me a whole new addiction, and boy do I suffer for it

Anonymous said...

Good god woman you're killing me - ahhh but what a way to go- this story is just like good sex - you get a little but its never enough! LOL

Tara Leigh said...

Thanks Megan, I appreciate the thoughts. I guess I've made it so important now, that if it isn't mentioned people will notice. LOL I try to make it as unobtrusive as possible.

But there is light at the end of that tunnel.

Peg said...

OMFG - That was hot & funny. That tessa is a wicked hussy!!!!

Loved it Tara.

mamybest said...

Oh my goodness tara!! what a chapter! i am spent! i like the thought of jonny in nothing but a pair of black socks!!! i had to laugh!!! i think i am ready for the next installment!

Anonymous said...

BTW I was seriously waiting for him to say the he is not old just older - LOL

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