Chapter 46

Tessa’s grin widened then she let her head rest on his shoulder. “So you left me.”
He pressed a quick kiss to her forehead. “Nope, just let you sleep. I’m too keyed up.”
“Well, evidently the fifteen minute nap was all I needed. I’m wide awake again.” Her stomach growled hugely. “And hungry,” she laughed.

He stood up and dragged her with him. “I hate to bother the kitchen this late, but we can go see if we can find a vending machine downstairs.”

“I only have those ridiculous boots to wear.”

“Eh just go in socks or like me, bare feet,” he wiggled his toes. “I hate shoes.”

She stood on tiptoe and kissed his scruffy cheek. “Me too!” She turned back to the room. “Let me find some pants and we’ll go downstairs.”

“Do you have to? You’ve got hot legs.”

She made it to the door before she turned around. Laughing she ducked back into his room. “Well, I think the rest of the hotel would appreciate the effort,” she called from the bedroom

“Not likely,” Jon mumbled and tugged on a t-shirt that was draped on one of the chairs. She came out wearing a pair of shorts and the peach shirt again, but no bra. “That’ll do,” he said and swallowed when her nipples tightened at his gaze.

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Maybe I’ll go back and put on my bra.”

Jon stepped toward her and pulled her arms apart. “Hell no, don’t cover that up.” His hand came up to cup her, his thumb smoothing over the tip pushing against the silk. Unable to resist, he pulled her shirt down and took a taste.

With legs suddenly the consistency of water, Tessa held on. Her fingers slid through his hair as she moaned. She was going to be a mess by the time they left. She skimmed her hand over her hip pocket and smiled when she felt the two condoms she’d snagged on her way out. It didn’t hurt to be careful.

She pulled him away, gasping when his teeth scraped their way off her nipple. It throbbed with an answering echo in her womb. “Christ, you’re lethal,” she said and caught his mouth with hers.

The kiss was thorough and had him breathing a little heavy by the end of it. “Okay we have to leave now or you’re going to be naked again.”

She backed them to the door and tried her luck with another kiss.

He groaned into her mouth and gripped her hips, pulling her against the hard on tenting his warmups. Tugging his shirt down, he reached around her for the door. “Evil woman.”

She looked up at him innocently and grabbed his hand to yank him down the hall. “Nope, you must be talking about a different Tessa.”

“Uh huh,” he murmured pressing the elevator button.

She leaned against the wall and curled her leg around his tugging him closer and gasped when his still hard cock pressed against her belly. “You are much too far away, sir.”

His hands caged her in. “Am I?”

She nipped the dent in his chin. “Yes, way—“ and she choked off her words when his hips snugged in close to show her just how close he could be. “Too far away,” she managed.

Jon tugged her leg higher on his hip and lifted her fully when the door chimed open. Luckily the elevator was empty. His mouth clamped down hers and his tongue swirled along hers as he pressed her against the wall. He reached back and punched the last button for the lobby, groaned when her legs wrapped around his hips and squeezed tight.

Christ, you’re going to kill me.”

“You started it,” she gasped and lost herself in his drugging kiss. Her body hummed to life and all she could think about was getting him inside of her, but the three minute ride in an elevator wasn’t going to cut it.

When the door dinged open again she reluctantly let one foot drop, then the other. His mouth never left hers though and his thumbs had resumed a mind altering rubbing that nearly had her coming in the elevator. She pushed him away and gasped. “Okay, you gotta stop.”

He laughed and crowded her again, his mouth latching on her nipple for a moment before he let her go and adjusted her clothing. “What? Can’t take it Tessa?” he asked and started another fiery kiss.

Tessa hung on for dear life and let his taste take her over. Surely no one should be denied that kind of pleasure? It would be a sin not to reciprocate. She kissed him back with equal fervor until even he groaned in response.

“Okay, we’ll just-“ he cleared his throat. “We’ll just stop right there and get out of the elevator now.”

“Uh huh,” she said and forced her legs to hold her as she stepped out of the car. Inside she was vibrating. Sweet hell, the man was going to kill her with orgasms. “What a way to go,” she murmured aloud.

Damn she had a great ass. “What was that?” he asked distractedly.

“Umm nothing.” She fell into step beside him.

Jon hooked his arm around her shoulder and tugged her into him. “Why don’t I believe you?”

She grinned up at him. “Yeah well, I don’t know where you would get a head full of such nonsense.” But the laugh ruined her serious tone.

They found the vending station and Jon dug into his pants for money. After a quick selection of absolute garbage they took it into a posh room off the eatery. A Grand Piano filled one corner and couches and chairs littered the room. Like children they spread out on the floor and divvied up the goods.

“Hey! Don’t hog the Ho-Ho’s buddy,” she said and snatched the chocolate treat away from him.

“You already have a creamy center though.”

She burst into laughter and he nipped it from her fingers and opened it, stuffing an entire roll into his mouth. “Hey!” She reached for him and pushed him to the floor, pressing a knee into his stomach.

“Uncle!” he shouted around cream and chocolate.

In the midst of a fit of giggles she licked the cream that escaped the corners of his mouth.

“No! Mine!” he said and rolled her down, pinning her. He finished chewing and swallowing. “You cheat,” he said gasping. He shifted until his knees were on each side of her and he lowered to take her mouth. The laughter fading as he licked each corner of her mouth. With one hand he cuffed hers above her head and buried his mouth into her neck, finding the little spot behind her neck that drove her insane.

Going from laughter to lust in the space of thirty seconds threw her system into afterburn. His chin scraped her neck as his tongue flicked along the back of her ear. With his free hand he yanked down her shirt again and moved to suck greedily at her breast. Through the haze of excitement she glanced at the open door, but the quiet hotel left her bold.

She hooked her legs around his waist again, and pressed herself against him, grinding against the hardness trapped in his workout pants. She heard his breath quicken against her neck as his mouth came for hers again.

They rolled again and she tried to gain the upper hand, and rolled over a bag of chips for her trouble.

“You owe me a bag of Lays,” he mumbled against her mouth.

Tearing her mouth away she rolled away from him. “Jesus, you’re dangerous.” She scrambled to her knees and backed up.

“So you’ve said,” he said and crawled her way.

She wasn’t sure she could resist the predatory gleam in his eyes but she held up a hand. “Okay way public. Not even a door,” she said breathlessly.

“No one’s around. I bet they wouldn’t even hear one of those half groaning moans you do that makes my dick so hard I can’t think.”

Nope, no thinking here, she thought. She grabbed one of the sodas and handed it to him. “Just cool off for a minute.”

He put the bottle down. “Nope, don’t want soda.”

She curled her legs to the side and only caused her shorts to show more leg. “You’re a menace,” she twisted off the cap. “I’m dehydrated here,” she drank deeply watching him from the corner of her eye. Her heart stuttered in her chest at the quick jolt of emotions he brought out in her.

He waited for her to stop drinking and enjoyed the view. She wasn’t a tall woman, but damn if she didn’t have amazing legs. “I thought you knew what you were in for when you made this trip.” He moved in on her and she leaned back but held her ground. “What are you…chicken?”

She sat up straight and she went nose to nose with him. “I’m not chicken.”

With that he cooled off and tipped his head back to laugh then to kiss her soundly on the mouth. “Okay, I’ll let you eat at least. Gotta restore your strength.” He nipped at her lower lip. “No pouting.”

She crossed her arms. “I am not.”

He stood up and grabbed the mangled bag of chips. He’d had his chocolate, so now he wanted his salt. Tearing the bag open he popped in a half chip and leaned down to flick the tip of her nose, “Are so.”

“You know what you are?”

He chomped on another chip. “What’s that?”

“You’re a tease.”

“Hell, babe, I learn from the best.”

“What…Is Richie giving you lessons again?” She struggled to her feet and capped the soda, grabbing the opened Ho-Ho and biting off the end of the second one in the package.

He just rolled his eyes and dropped to the piano bench. He picked at the bag a bit more and leaned his head back to dump the rest of the crumbs in his mouth. He glanced around the room, but didn’t see a waste bucket, so he balled it up and shot it at Tessa.

She batted it away and put it with the rest of the pile. Her heart did one long, slow roll as he smiled, his brilliant blue eyes peeking between the overgrown blonde locks. He looked good at the piano, at ease with the instrument. “Play for me,” she said boldly.

Jon glanced over his shoulder then back at Tessa and shrugged. He flexed his fingers outward and spun around. “Okay, what should I play?” He gently tucked back the cover and spread his fingers.

The tones of Great Balls of Fire flowed out of his fingers. “Or,” he slowed the pace and played a John Lennon song. “Or,” he brought out the opening notes to Bed of Roses and turned around and gave her that famous sneer, “Nah!”

She laughed and followed him to the piano bench, sitting beside him the opposite way so they still leaned shoulder to shoulder. She could feel the muscles and tendons in his arms as he played and the haunting music she couldn’t name that escaped the keys left her speechless.

She watched as he closed his eyes and lost himself to the music. She was pretty sure that he didn’t even know she was in the room by the end of it. He opened his eyes and met hers and she knew…knew it was for her. No words but the power of it left her humbled and aching.

Tessa leaned into him, meeting him halfway in a soft kiss that spoke of the ache that he’d put in her gut. The beauty of it that she couldn’t explain or even begin to explore with words…so she showed him instead.

She opened his mouth with hers and slowly, exhaustively kissed him mindless. They didn’t touch except with their lips and her body thrummed with awareness. She felt the tension in his body, the passion that he was holding back.

She was the first to break it and touched his face. His breath was harsh as he drew her into him, gripping her arms, he sat her on the keys. The notes were harsh and full of the deep tenor that was so similar to how she felt inside. The crazy emotions he brought out in her felt like that…deep, amazing and full of passion.

Arching back against the piano she looked like a goddess, he thought. Her breasts were high and firm against the peach silk, her legs all creamy and open for him. She moved restlessly against him, the need as thrilling as it was drugging. She was his. He knew it wasn’t smart, wasn’t logical to want and need someone so quickly, but it was the truth.

He pushed at her shirt, lifting it over her head to taste, to sip from her. He wanted to take everything and give her more, then start again. Nothing prepared him for feeling like this again. Feeling like this for the first time, he thought distantly.

He tugged and pulled, tasted and drew from her. The clean scent warred with the musky arousal that drifted from her. He knew it was for him. Riding on the power of it he covered every inch of her body from neck to belly with his mouth. His short nails scored down her back and slid her shorts off.

Witchy green eyes blazed back at him, watching him as he pushed her back on the piano. He lifted her, opened her and tasted her.

Tessa arched off the gleaming black surface. She sobbed as he brought her from one peak to another, each one faster than the last until she was dizzy with it. Completely wrecked by him and the places he could bring her to she repeated his name like a litany.

Jon wanted to push her higher, take her farther than he’d ever been before. The need to share everything with her overrode any sense and he pulled her down and seated her on him.

Even the flash of pleasure from skin to skin couldn’t override the beast that roared through him...them. She was as close to perfection as he’d ever known.

She wrapped herself around him taking him as deep as she could. The heat of him was so much more than she’d ever imagined. Choking out his name she pushed them toward the brink and over.


Peg said...

Don't leave us here to long ok.

Great as always Tara.

Anonymous said...

Are we halfway thru another 10 chapter romp? C'mon, even the sex gets old when there is too much. Just wondering if you did some research. I mean how many times can the average man come in an hour?

Tara Leigh said...

Well...first of all, I put a disclaimer on that lovely side panel letting you know the kind of fiction I write.

If you read the genre you'd know that when I say EROTIC FICTION, then that means there's lots of sex. Pick up an Emma Holly or Janelle Denison and you'd see what I mean.

And second of all no, not a ten chapter 'romp' as you so sweetly put it...but thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

I got sent this link through a friend and I am so happy they sent it! I love this story and cannot wait to read more! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

No need to thank me, I couldn't bear to finish reading it anyway...

Tara Leigh said...

I'm sorry my work isn't for you. If you read it to the end you would know the difference to this particular chapter.

And how it will shape the rest of the story. Take care.

Thanks for the lovely replies girls. It always makes my day. And it's great to get a response from a new reader as always.

Not that I don't appreciate every other response from my regulars. It always makes it more fun to post knowing people are enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Come or is it Cum on? No human can have that much sex!

Christine said...

I am also a new reader. Can't wait for the next chapter. This has got me hooked.

Anonymous said...

Tara dear...when you stick to a STORY you do a decent job...but when you have chapter after chapter of the SAME sex scenes over and over, well, hon, it gets old. How many times can his "fingers slide inside her"? I like, no LOVE sex as much as the next person, but if we want to LOVE Jon and Tessa, they need to be more than a couple of whores.
And the condom garland??? So 7th grade.

Tara Leigh said...

Well, DEAR, I can't respond to an anon properly, but that's a much better reply than the snark you first left.

Writing is a very personal thing and the all out bash was rude. If you'd started with this reply I would have been much more inclined to take you seriously.

Not a lovely sentiment with the whores comment, but it's much more constructive.

As for the garland...well, I'm sorry that was just funny. And MANY people thought it was funny. A sense of humor can be childish sometimes. There's no harm there, and again that's very personal.

Anonymous said...

Tara...don't be offended. After all, I am reading it. :)
When we put ourselves out there in the public eye...whether it is as a singer, actor, news person, author, etc., we have to weather the storm.
And why would any of us respond as anything other than anon...you get so upset.
Just keep doing your thang! That is what is is all about.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, in reference to your comment...I had only left one comment.

Tara Leigh said...

I'm sorry if I sounded upset. This is my first foray into the public eye so to speak. I've only shared my work with a few select people before.

Oh and as for HOURS...that's a personal knowledge thing. ;) I had a really active sex life when things first started with my last boyfriend. And that's what this is...discovery.

mamybest said...

tara, i thought we were going to have a "pretty woman" moment with the piano!!! i loved it!!! i have been checking here throughout the day to see if you posted anything new!! thanks so much!!! do keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

FROM RUTPOP - Tara just to let you know there are many many people who are completely enjoying this story. See unlike some people if I didnt find this appealing I would not continue to read it. Life is too short so to those who do not like it why not just move on. I just find it so interesting that those to who this obviously fictional story does not appeal are still so drawn to it that they can not stay away. Isn't that a true testament to your writing abilities Tara that you have even been able to captivate and hold the interest of the anonymous story hater. See I think theirs is more of a case of protesting too much, I think they are actually enjoying and getting off on the story but cant admit it.
IMO anyway

Tara Leigh said...

Choosing to go public with my writing was the next step in putting my neck out there.

And while I still have a lot of learning and building to do as a writer I am learning to appreciate the good with the bad.

As for the anon--well, that's also a SAFE way to leave your comments. Because as you can see, I made a mistake in thinking you were another person. For that I'm sorry...to a point.

Constructive Crit is one of those things that never gets any easier to read or respond to. But if it's crafted well with both positive and negative it means more.

Both with my training as an artist and a writer you learn every day what works and what needs work. It's a constant learning curve. Even my writing from a year ago is so very different from my style now.

This was originally just supposed to be a short story that never went anywhere. Just a moment in time. Unfortunately I love Tessa too much to let her go right now.

Tara Leigh said...

And for all of my supporters...I truly thank you. (Big Kudos to you, Chris for that response, the self-serving artist in me wants every word to be true. LOL)

Tessa's become very near and dear to me and I'd like to think I'm showing her falling in love with a great guy.

And really...when you think about it, it's only been a couple of days.

I mean seriously I don't know many people that come up for air much when you first get together with someone.

And with that I'll just shut up. Now I'm talking this thing to death.

Megan said...

You know what? I'm torn here between taking Taras side and the side of the anon. I love the story dont get me wrong and i will continue to read it, but i have to say i'm starting to wonder.

There is no story line with the exception of the book store and Jon in Nashville with a seemingly endless supply of condoms and talent.

Tara you write so nicely, so easy to read, so decriptively that i can see what you are writing, to the point that i knew the piano was black even before i read it. And that is nice. Its familiar which makes us feel so comfortable.I can see the smile on Jons face we you say he is smiling. But honey can we please have some adult conversation we arent 16 any more (well some of us arent). You are talking about a man in his mid 40's and a woman only a few years younger than him. I would expect 2 16 yr olds to romp around all day, but not mature adults. I'm sorry sweety but these are just my thoughts. Maybe i'm just geting too darn old.
Please don't take offense, it isnt my intention to offend you but unfortunately putting stuff on the internet with the option to post a comment entitles all of us to do so. As i said I will keep reading because i do enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

Tara Leigh said...

Well...this is the end of the playful stage of things anyway, so I will say there's a lot more going on in the near future.

Once they're out of their little bubble things will be all too real.

Sue said...

THanks again for a great chapter. Don't worry about the others who say it is too much sex. If I was Tessa there would be more...lol
And you are right, when a relationship is new, there is alot of sex and touchy feely stuff going on. At least in my experience anyway.
Keep up the great work Tara :)

Starr said...

Okay I want to address the three comments from anonymous, I assume they are the same person as well as Megan:

commment 1: posted at 9:31pm

My answer to that is Jon is no 'average man!'

Comment 2: posted at 9:44pm

Yeah, I bet you didn't finish it!

Comment 3: posted at 9:53pm

Still here? Oh and I beg to differ. Humans can and do have sex that much, even men in their forties such as Jon and I'm here to testify.
Some people are more highly sexed than others and I believe Jon falls into that category.

Comments 4 and 5 posted at 10pm and 10:18pm

Your comment about Tessa and Jon being more than a couple of whores makes me wonder indeed if you 'love sex' as much as the next person. That was uncalled for. I don't know who you are but Christ, with critics like you Tara definitely doesn't need enemies! Maybe you should write your own stories and let us critique them. I'm sure if you did and we read them we would find them boring and dull.
I think you should move on to some other type of pg rated fiction that would be suitable more to your tastes and leave this story to those of us who truly love it!

Now for Megan's comment:

Every new relationship has lots of sex at first, this story should be no different in order to be realistic. You say:

"You are talking about a man in his mid 40's and a woman only a few years younger than him. I would expect 2 16 yr olds to romp around all day, but not mature adults."

I don't think it's a stretch to believe a sexy fit rockstar such as Jon is able to romp around all day even if he is in his 40's. And as for women hell, women can go definitely all day I assure you! What's your point in writing your criticism anyway? It's been my motto that if I don't agree with what I'm reading but still enjoy the story, I don't point out anything negative, instead I focus on the positive aspects of the story. Very few of you I think know what it takes to write fiction in the calibre that Tara has written. I for one think she is an amazing writer and I will continue to read!

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