Chapter 45

Her boot thudded to the floor and her chest heaved with laughter as he rolled her onto her back once more. “Oh my God! Stop! It’s not right to tickle me in the middle of sex,” she said on a near squeal.

Jon leaned back on his feet, crouched low on the bed. They’d destroyed the bed and sometime within the last hour the sheets had come loose and had been tossed over the edge. He’d finally allowed her take her boots off, but only after he unzipped them himself.

With his teeth.

He laughed again when his fingers slid over her arch then along the curve of her foot and she kicked at him, arching away from him for a different reason for once. His Tessa was beyond ticklish. “Move over,” he said and stretched out on the bed, his own breathing none to steady. She made him laugh and he didn’t think laughter would ever be in his life again. Not unless his kids were involved anyway.

Her chuckles finally subsided and she rolled back into him. “I have to tell you…I’ve never been naked so much with anyone in my life.”

His hand slid down her flank and he lifted his hand to slap her cheek playfully. “I like you naked.”

She hooked a leg between his and settled herself along his length. She rested her cheek against his still slick chest and drew her nails through the hairs there. “I kinda figured because you keep taking off my clothes.”

He chuckled and curled her closer, letting his hand slide around her back, gently drawing his fingertips over her skin. “I have to say it was a helluva surprise that you came out to see me. How on earth did you find me?”

Tessa was quiet for a moment. How stalker would it look to tell him how she found him? She pressed her forehead into his pec then peered up at him through her disheveled bangs. “Can I leave it at, I have my sources?”

He dumped her on her back again. “Sources?” he said and hovered over her.

She winced. “Ain’t gonna cut it?”

His lips puckered as he shook his head, “Nope.”

“Well it was Nichole really. She bought the ticket and surprised me with it this afternoon. And she was the one that knew which hotel you were in.” She knew her words were tumbling in a rush, but she couldn’t seem to shut up.

His eyebrows rose. He knew the network that his fans had, but couldn’t help but tease her a little longer. “And how did she know this?”

“Evidently you always stay here.”

He chuckled and dropped his mouth to hers and sighed when she kissed him back gratefully. “Yeah, we stay here whenever we’re in town. I gotta say…this is my favorite visit though.”

She looped her arms around his neck. “Even with all the meetings?”

“My end of the day meeting seems to be going quite well.”

She flipped him over. “I think we have some contract negotiations to go over though,” she said and straddled him.

“Is that right?” he said and grinned up at her. God, his face was going to ache just from the laughing and smiling. Not to mention his body from all the exercise. He reared up and caught her bottom lip with a quick nip. “Any pages we need to go over?”

A number flared in her head and she blushed to the roots of her hair.

He sat up and laughed, helping her to wrap her legs around his waist in the seated position. “I think I know what page number that is,” he shifted her, so he could dip inside. “We’ll have to review that later,” he said and groaned as she took him into her heat.

The position was perfect for the friction she needed to coast through a rather harsh orgasm. The pulse of him left her beyond thought and so far away from contracts. The gentle rocking was almost soothing until his mouth caught hers in a kiss the fried the rest of her circuits. She wrapped her arms around him and the oversensitive tips of her breasts rubbed against his chest hair and she was gone again.

Jon felt the fist of her orgasm again and tumbled them back on the bed again to ride out her release. He’d never known a woman to be so responsive and eager to share with him, hell even to sweat with him. She didn’t care about how she looked, just how she felt.

Dragging her close he tucked her into his side, waiting for her shudders to subside. Hushing her he tugged the sheet up to cover them.

“But you didn’t-“

“I loved watching you,” he said simply. “Just rest, Tessa.”

“But I don’t want to waste the night,” she said sleepily.

“There’s no waste, you’re here and that’s all that matters.” He kissed her forehead and pressed his lips to her hair, drawing in the fresh scent of pears that was so much a part of her.

Tessa drifted, her body sated too many times to count, content to be with him…to have him under her as she slept. Her cheek rested along his chest and her hand found its favorite spot in the middle of his stomach, where the line of hair went silky.

Jon felt her fall into sleep, the way she relaxed into him and her breathing deepened, even the faintest of purrs as she moaned against him. He shifted and got rid of the mangled condom, shaking his head a little at the number of packets in his waste basket.

He reached up to snap off the light and snuggled in with her. It felt good to have a woman in his bed again and even better in his arms. He was rarely surprised anymore, but she managed to do it, time and again.

His hand coasted over her hip and back up to her waist. He couldn’t get enough of touching her. Pleasure overrode any and all of the stress of the last few days. How long had it been since he’d just enjoyed something like this?

His phone vibrated like mad beside him and he snatched it off the dresser. Flicking it open he pressed the button to download the text.

R U Done yet?

Jon squashed down a laugh and shushed Tessa as she stirred. With one hand he gave Richie the high sign to come into the suite. He slid from the bed and settled her into the pillows when he heard the front door. He tugged on a pair of sweats and quietly went into the shared living room.

“Hey,” Richie said with a smile.

“Strike out at the bar?” Jon said on a half whisper as he dropped onto the couch.

Richie grabbed a bottle of Pinot from the bar and handed him a glass. He poured Jon a half glass and one for himself then left the bottle on the coffee table. “Not really, just not feelin’ the cheap sex thing tonight.”

“It’s never cheap, Richie. You only like high paid call girls.”

A bark of laugher came out before he could stifle it. He shook his head. “Not all of us can find a pretty little thing with a hot mouth.”

Jon sipped his wine and gave his friend a bland look. “And what would you know about Tessa and her mouth?”

“I met her in the lobby.”

“And she just walked right up to you?”

Richie laughed, remembering. “Yeah she did. Didn’t know it was your Tessa at first though. Gave me a second’s pause…you know how I like redheads.”

“Richie you like anything in a skirt.”

“Nah, I’m much more discerning these days. Redheads are firecrackers though. Any of them that I’ve gotten under me,” he laughed. “Well to be honest on top of me for the most part. They do like to go for a wild ride.”

“Jesus, Rich I do not need to know about your sex life.”

“Not enough wine in you tonight buddy. You always like my sex stories.”

“Only when I was married and not getting any.”

Richie’s feet came up and the laughter wasn’t even close to being contained. “And now you are, buddy boy.”

Jon ignored him and continued his line of questioning. “Did you give her your key?”

“Yup,” he said and gulped down half the glass.

The last few things snapped into place. Damn if she wasn’t resourceful, he thought.

“Stop smiling like a moron, it’s creepy,” Richie said and refilled his glass.

Jon slapped him on the shoulder. “Can’t help it man. I’m feelin’ mighty relaxed and happy.”

The door to his bedroom opened and Tessa peeked out. “I thought I heard something out here,” she said sleepily. “Is it a private party or can I join?”

Jon patted the seat beside him on the couch. “C’mon out babe, we’re just shootin’ the shit.”

Richie attempted to keep his eyes off the curvy legs peeking from the silky green robe she wore. Then back to Jon’s face who looked as besotted as a fourteen year old with his first crush. “I’m gonna head to bed.” He smiled at Tessa. “Just so you know I sleep with my Ipod on blaring so I won’t hear a thing.”

Tessa tucked herself in next to Jon on the couch. “Thanks for the tip.”

Richie wiggled his eyebrows. “Night, bro.”

Jon turned to Tessa. “As subtle as a brick to the face, ain’t he?”


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what a way to begon the morning! thanks tara! great job!!

mamybest said...

i can't spell!! well it's early and i didn't sleep too much last night!!! keep up the great work tara!!!

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with his TEETH! Oh yeah! Loved this chapter.

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Great chapter Tara.

Loved that Tessa is so comfortable with Jon and now Richie.

I look forward to the next one.

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Loved the His Tessa comment and the subtle as a brick to the face is great.

Keep up the good work.

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Shula - Thanks so much for reading and finding me. God bless Peg. ;)

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I neeeed to keep reading!

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