Chapter 51

Jon stretched his fingers and went to work on the row of hooks down her back. But instead of simply stripping her down he took care with each hook, tasting each precious inch of flesh. When he heard the wineglass hit the carpet with a dull thud he smiled.

When the last hook was freed he leaned forward and traced his lips then his tongue along the dip in her spine enjoying the smooth skin and the soft sighs she made. Her skin sparkled a little in the dim light and he knew he’d be going home with a fleck or two of that on him by the end of the night.

She groaned when the bristle of a day’s worth of stubble brushed over her shoulder and down the side of her. Her hips moved restlessly as his gentle touch drove her mad. Soft kisses and the barest tips of fingers teased her to the edge then he eased back and rolled her over. His kisses started at her knee and moved up the inside of her thigh.

Her eyes closed as his breath came hot and warm over the center of her but didn’t touch. Instead his tongue skimmed over her mound and up the line of her torso. Ever so gently he nuzzled under her breast. “Open those pretty green eyes, Tessa.”

She could feel him all around her, the warm length of him pressing against her thigh…the hard planes of muscles and hair roughened skin as he nudged her legs open. Peeling the last of the lace free from her breasts he took one nipple into his mouth, rolling it over his tongue as he drew from her, reaching for another packet.

Watching, utterly fascinated by how he knew just what to do to make her crazy, his blue eyes met hers an instant before he slowly pushed inside of her. Each inch seemed to stretch her, filling her completely. He rose above her, slowly rocking into her as their eyes held intensifying the connection.

Her fingers slid up his arm and over the straining muscles in his shoulders as he braced himself above her holding himself just slightly away from her to keep the rhythm soft and slow. She curled into him, dragging him deeper…closer to her. Her silk clad thigh shifted higher on his hip and she hissed when the angle changed.

She could feel the build, not wanting to let go of him yet…to lose herself in the release he so easily gave her. Wanting to hold onto him a bit longer she pulled him down to her and their lips met as easily and gracefully as their bodies.

His stroke was long and sure. His chest and the arrow of hair that roughened at the base of his cock rubbed over her driving her higher. Her fingers dug into the power of his back muscles dragging him down to her so there was no space, just flesh and breath. His lips were rough and demanding now. Teeth scraped over flesh as the madness began to choke both of them and passion flared out of the sweet and soft.

She felt the moment when he let go. Control shattered as he drove into her, mindless with needs that flowed sweeter than any wine. Her fingers grasped at the flexing muscle of his ass as he pounded into her. She wanted him closer, deeper and she shouted her own release holding him close as she could as he came.

His lips pressed into her neck, gently soothing where’s he’d been careless. His arms gathered her close, rolling them so she settled along the front of him. Their breathing settled and with it he was able to clear his mind. Just touching her left him raw and unsure of himself. He understood passion, it was as important to him as breathing but the brain blasting heat mixed with her special brand of sweetness and he was pretty sure he was sunk.

Loving someone again was something he never would have thought possible. It also scared the fuck out of him. Giving himself to a woman again wasn’t in the plan he had for himself. Though, with her it felt right and as natural as breathing.

Tessa traced the line of his pectoral muscle, curving along the ridge of muscle beneath the swirling hair. “I love you,” she said softly.

Jon’s heart jumped and his entire body stilled.

She laid her cheek against his chest, pressing the flat of her palm over his heart where she could feel it beat beneath her cheek; hear the quick trip of adrenaline at her words. Her own heart raced as she rushed on. “Don’t say anything,” she smoothed her thumb over the crisp hairs, unwilling to take her hand away from the tripping beat. “I don’t expect anything I just needed to say it.”

His hand slid up her arm and into her hair.

The tumble of words clawed out of her throat. “Part of me says it’s too soon. How can I throw that word around when we can count the number of days that we’ve known each other on one hand? But it’s true and it’s there.”


Her fingers crept up to the firm, scruffy jaw and found his mouth, stilling his words. “Don’t say anything, okay?” She propped herself up on her elbow and met his gaze replacing her fingers with her lips. “I don’t want to ruin this day with words you’ll regret,” she murmured.

He deepened the kiss and rolled her again. “I couldn’t regret anything about us.” The words were there and burned inside his chest. Knowing it wasn’t the right time to convince her he let her know without words. Words defined him for so long and while she wouldn’t accept them right now, he showed her with each touch, each kiss and each sigh how much he loved her right back.

Her gift was more precious to him than she’d ever know in that moment.


mamybest said...

wow tara! i am speechless. i am not kidding. i don't know what to say to that chapter except great work and it took my breath away to read tessa saying she loved jon. i loved it!! well worth the wait gal!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Mamy! I think it is my favorite chapter yet. Definatly worth the wait

Anonymous said...

Awesome work Tara. Very well written. Thanks.

Rachael said...

I'm sorry I have to disagree with the others I think this story is crap. Its not at all how I imagine Jon to be. I dont care what some TV show says. This is not our Jon. This is some sordid trash harlequin romance thing/mills and boon. Not a story about our Jon. I have continued to read up until now hoping that the story would get better. But it hasn't to date. I can't even finish this chapter. But don't worry your band of little converts will stand up for you and defend you and no doubt ridicule me. But this is just not Jon.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you are so right, this isn't Jon. In the REAL world, Jon is married and has a life so different from what's been portrayed. This is FICTION and FANTASY. Its just fun to read a story which has a character that we can picture. As for "our Jon", who's not living in the real world now? Jon doesn't belong to any of us....Tara once again, thank you for each chapter of your story. I am hooked and thoroughly entertained. ~Tammy

Tara Leigh said...

You're certainly entitled to your opinion, Rachael. Sorry I didn't win you over with my story.

This is MY version of Jon. And while you may think the harlequin books are trash, I happen to love them. And the non-FF MS I'm working on is indeed slotted for submission to just those people.

And trouble lies ahead because of the realities of life with a man like Jon, so I hope you'll give it a chance. But if you don't that's certainly your right as a reader.

Right now they're living in one of those pretty bubbles that just can't last.

Thanks for coming to my defense, Tammy. I'm glad you're 'hooked.' A writer just loooooves that word. ;)

Anonymous said...

hey ...i guess you can call me a new reader, my names Natalia. i have been reading for a couple of days now, loving the story! keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next chapter!
This chapter was great! :)

SamboChick said...

Rachel, this might not be the wayhow you imagine "your" Jon to be.
BUT this ff is a result of Tara's imagination. And many seem to like it.
If you don't then you shouldn't go on reading.
Or what about writing your own ff and sharing it with others to see what they think about "your" Jon.

Anonymous said...

Tara, great chapter!!! One again i am left speechless!!!! I love your story and can't wait for the next chapter...no rush!!;-)
As for Rachel, you are entitled to your opinion, but we know that this is FICTION, it is a work of Tara's wonderful IMGAINATION. Who is the "real Jon"? None of us know, really.... how can any of us know what he is REALLY like behind closed doors. This is just for FUN!!If you read the bio, it states that this is EROTIC ROMANCE and contained adult content, it also mentions that she means no disrespect to Jon or his family. AGAIN, THIS IS FICTION, if yo don't know what that means, it means NOT TRUE!!!

Anonymous said...

Tara, this my favorite chapter so far! Your doing a wonderful job expressing the feelings of the two involved. I can't wait to see how you complicated their lives!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rachael, where's your FanFiction? I would loooove to read it.

Oh, don't have one? Darn! I would love to give you the same "constructive criticism" that you gave this author. Very classy.

Tara, I give you a lot of credit for sticking your neck out there and posting your story. No doubt, this is something very near and dear to you, and to have it called "crap" and "trash" is rude, disrespectful, and downright mean. Ignore people like this Rachael girl...the many, many people who do like your story would not want you to feel discouraged and stop writing.

I'm not so good with words but, I'm loving it! This is really great writing! ~~~ Care

Anonymous said...

I just started to read few days ago and I just love it wow beyong my wildest dream ....I spent all weekend from chapter 1 till today and wow I can't wait for the next one I am so hook and I hope you won't stop whritting for poeple who doesn't like it....just don't read it if you don't like it Raquel.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which story I like better!! Two different women, two different characters but intriguing all the same! I just hope that Tessa doesn't become pregnant! Between Evan and maybe Jordan...not Tessa too! Great story -- hooked once again!

edgebag said...

Oh shit! The "L" word! Seems to have made an impact on Jon... loved it!

Starr said...

OMG here we go again. This is directed to Rachael:

So anonymous the literary critic decided to post with a name. You gave yourself away with your comment about the 'sordid trash harlequin romance' thing. But you get a nod from me for at least giving us a name, though a barely imperceptible one.

Tara states right on each and every page that this is 'HER' version of Jon.
None of us really know him but whether she is on the money
regarding the real Jon or not, it makes for great romantic erotic
fiction anyway.
I agree with many of Sharon's comments. This is just for FUN Rachael, and you know I would find it hard to believe you would enjoy ANY JBJ fiction out there!

Tara you're doing a fine job! Keep on writing girl! Love your stuff!

SoulGirl said...

OMG. She told him, my heart wrenched.. he has to feel the same way though.. he has too but maybe he is just tentative considering he's divorced etc...

Great ch!

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