Chapter 13

“How am I supposed to show you what a gentleman I am if you get out of the car yourself?” Jon said as he rounded the car.

“Well I don’t know many gentlemen that kiss before the date, so you were doomed from the start.”

He tucked her hand into the crook of his arm. “You do have a point. Are you upset about it?”

She pressed her lips together. “You know, perhaps a little.”

He stopped walking. “You are?”

She jerked to a stop and turned on her toes. “Well of course I’m upset. I’ll be thinking about that damn kiss all through dinner. You bring me somewhere that’s supposed to have the-“

He yanked her forward and shut her up for the second time in the space of an hour with his mouth on hers. She let a small moan loose when he deepened the kiss. His tongue wasn’t sweet and coaxing this time and she sagged against him as he plundered. Stupid word, she thought to herself distantly, but really there was no other way to describe it. He took and she gave willingly. Possibly a little too willingly she thought when he tore his mouth from hers.

She gasped, “You are an evil man.”

“Oh and telling me you were disappointed was playing fair?”

“I didn’t say disappointed.” She poked him in the chest. “Does Mr. Rock Star think that little ole me could have a problem with-“

He cut her off again. She had way too much sass for his peace of mind. He decided he liked her taste and if it meant putting that half dreamy look in those green eyes he’d kiss her until she couldn’t feel her lips again.

When he pulled back and her lids stayed shut, with her mouth tipped up for him he was satisfied. “C’mon open up those pretty green eyes.”

She did, ever so slowly. “Hmm?”

Her witchy eyes were softer and a little unfocused. “Much better. Now what were you saying about upset.”

“Me? Nothing. Nope. Not upset in the least. No siree.”

“That’s what I thought.”

She sobered and frowned up at him. “That was underhanded by the way.”

He opened the door for her and let her walk ahead. “I think I like kissing you stupid. It may be my new favorite hobby.”

“Well, perhaps I’ll let you practice if you’re really good in the restaurant.”

His hand curved around her hip through her coat and dragged her back a step. “Would that be a challenge?” he said low in her ear.

His breath was hot on her ear and she felt it curl along the nape of her neck. She turned back to him, enjoying the almost touch. “Just how good can you be in a water-side food shack?”

“We’ll see now won’t we?” He smiled when the hostess came to the podium. “Hey Katie, got room for us? A booth maybe?”

“Always for you, Jon.”

Tessa watched the perky blonde bounce her way in front of Jon, making sure to put a little extra sway in her step. Noting the obviousness of it, she forced her own swing to calm down. Though it was damn hard when you wore three inch heels to not twitch when you walk, she thought sourly.

Jon shrugged out of his jacket and hung it on the side hooks to the booth. He stood behind her to do the same. He let his fingertips brush the nape of her neck, the scoop of flesh was far too tempting as her jacket slid off her shoulders.

She shivered a little and quickly settled herself into the booth. “I didn’t realize you cheated at every turn.”

“I’ve been told that I’d sell my soul for what I want.”

“And you want me?”


His answer was so simple and direct that her stomach clenched, then pitched. She was also fairly certain that she had those cartoon goggling eyes as well. “Well, that’s direct.”

He snagged the menus from the small rack along the window and handed her one. “I’m a man that doesn’t like to waste time.”

She flipped open the menu but couldn’t understand a single word on the page. What the hell was she supposed to say to that? She cleared her throat. “Just what do you want with me?” she asked boldly and met his eyes.

“You know exactly what I want.”

The devil landed squarely on her shoulder. “I think I’d like to hear it exactly.”

“I want you. Naked. Screaming my name for about six hours to start. We’ll work up to ten by next week.”

She looked down at her menu, her heart beating so loudly she was pretty certain the entire restaurant could hear it. A waitress came to the table saving her from answering.

“Can I get you guys something?”

Tessa folded her menu and looked at Jon. “Two burgers with everything. Large fries.” Her smile was wide and a little tremulous. “To go.”

God, what was she doing?


Anonymous said...

"TO GO" - perfect ending to this chapter - I'm loving this story so much and I love the fact that I wake up to 4 chapters this morning- Thanks for starting my day with a bang so to speak - LOL

edgebag said...

:o) EIGHT HOURS?! Next chapter...

mamybest said...

i loved the ending of this chapter!! this is so great! 8 hours?!! i could do it!

Starr said...


“I want you. Naked. Screaming my name for about six hours to start. We’ll work up to ten by next week.”

It's starting to heat up around here!!!

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