Chapter 31

Tessa dropped into her chair, the exhaustion felt bone deep. Normally she would have left the heavy lifting and the unloading for Adam or one of her part-time stockers but the only way she’d been able to keep focused was to keep busy. Even if it meant doing inventory, sorting and stocking that usually took three people.

The sound of a clearing throat had her opening her eyes. “Hey, Nic.”

“So did you avoid me enough today?”

“I just don’t even know what to say.”

“Maybe how many orgasms you had and how many rooms of the house you did it in for starters?”

Laughter broke the first fingers of stress and confusion that had banded around her all day. “I lost count of both.”

Nic perched herself on Tessa’s desk, “Okay seriously? You need to tell me before I kill you.”

Tessa scrubbed her hands over her face. “It’s never been like that, Nic.” She looked up at her friend, “Never…not even close to what I could have named as the best sex of my life. It was out of the stratosphere.”

Nic sighed, her brown eyes softening. “So it was just amazing? Was it because it was him or because of who he is?”

It was a fair question, which was the only reason she didn’t rip a strip of skin off of her hide. And even after the first touch, it had been the man that had wrecked her not the singer. “It’s just him. All him, to be honest. He’s got this way about him that makes me forget he’s anything other than a regular guy. Pieces of him remind me of the man on stage and in the interviews, but then he laughs and I’m...”

Nic placed a hand on her arm. “Oh honey, you’re toast.”


“It was like that with my Adam. I just knew. I knew even before he got me into bed and believe me I gave him a merry chase there, girlfriend.”

“That’s the problem. I barely let him chase me. I don’t think my panties have hit the floor so fast since freshmen year at college.”

Nic grinned, “Hussy.”

“Yeah well, I had a few stupid moments in my life but next to this it was child’s play.” She crossed her arms over her stomach, hoping to hold in the fleet of butterflies that had taken up residence. “I did things with him I’d never even contemplate doing in a fantasy.”

Nic’s eyebrow rose, “Really?”

“That’s all you’re getting out of me on that.”

“Dammit! I was hoping to have something to try on Adam tonight.”

Tessa’s phone bounced and buzzed on her desk. She turned it over to see the readout, “Frank? I don’t know a Frank.” She flipped it open, “Hello?”

“Did you guess it was me?”

A low laugh rumbled in her stomach and finally up through the phone. “Oh you are something else.”

Nic stood and mouthed, “Is that him?”

Tessa nodded and covered up the microphone. “Why don’t you head out, I’ll finish closing up.”

“You know I don’t like to leave you alone in here, Tess.”

“Tell her I’ll be there with you,” Jon murmured in her ear. “I need to come and give you a proper goodbye.”

Tessa warmed at the thought of him and whatever version of goodbye she’d earn with his visit.

Nic crossed her arms, “If you could see your face right now...”

Tessa covered the mic again. “Go home, Nic.”

Nic grumbled, “I’m going.”

Just before she slipped out the door, “Hey Nichole!” she called out.

Nic ducked back in. “Yeah?”

“Whipped cream,” was all she said.

Nic’s eyes bulged and she bumped into the door before finally righting herself. “You suck, you know that, right?”

Tessa just smiled, if she only knew. “Good night, Nichole.” She uncovered the phone receiver. “I thought you had left already.”

“And not even called?” he tsked. “Now that would be very rude and very shitty of me to do.”

She smiled and settled back in her chair. “I know you’re really busy.”

“Not too busy to stop by for a few minutes if that’s okay.”

“More than okay.”

She heard a knock at her door.

He opened the door and ducked his head in. “How’s now?” He tucked his phone back in his pocket and stood in the dim light of her office.

His near shoulder length hair curled against the Kenneth Cole jacket he habitually wore when he’d be in public. A lightweight v-neck sweater the same color as hers cuffed around the ends of the sleeves. He finished off the outfit with dark jeans that hugged his powerful thighs and thick soled boots the same rich charcoal as his jacket.

He glanced around the room, instantly at ease with the warm wood paneling that echoed the simple beauty of her store and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of her space. He leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to her mouth. It felt as natural as if he’d been doing it all his life.

Tessa stood and brushed her fingertips over the cashmere of the jacket and up into his hair. He smelled of sandalwood and that rich spice she was starting to associate with him. He was dressed for going out, for entertaining and she thought sadly…a party. Without thought she rose on her toes and fit her mouth to his and was rewarded with a groan and the sweep of his tongue against hers.

She didn’t want to let him go. Already, a piece of her wanted him in her space, wanted the taste of him wrapped around her so she could keep it close. She dropped back, pulling away to get her bearings, but she sighed deeply when Jon gathered her in again.

“I’m not nearly finished with you,” he murmured and dipped his head again to taste. “It’s only three days,” he said around kisses. “It shouldn’t be too bad,” he said between the light touches to her face and hair.

“Exactly, it’s only three days,” she muttered and they dove into the kiss again.

He untucked her turtleneck, needing to feel her flesh. He wanted more. He needed more than a few kisses to slake the hunger she brought out in him. Lifting her, he settled her on the edge of the desk. Pushing her knees apart he drew back, resting his head against her forehead. “Tessa,” he muttered darkly.

She threaded her fingers through his hair and dragged his mouth back to hers. She felt his moan along her lips and inside of her where she throbbed most.

He broke away from her again. “Tessa,” he managed to ask again.


“I don’t have anything with me.”


Peg said...

Awesome Tara. I loved this chapter.

mamybest said...

i don't know how i am going to make it for those three days they are apart!!! great job tara!!

Anonymous said...

OMG how could he go there and not be prepared? And did I misread the end of the last chap didnt they go for it in the am and not use protection? On the edge of my seat Tara.

Sweet Jovi said...

Just HAD to mention the thighs, didn't you! :)

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Oh jeez... loved it!

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