Chapter 21

He eased back into the water, the heat soaking down deep into his bones. He let out a bit of an unsteady breath and just looked at her. Her pretty red painted toes gleamed against the cream tile. His gaze drifted up her lean calves and muscled thighs to the flare of hip and dip of toned waist. Her breasts were still high and firm thanks to whatever work out thing she had mentioned before.

But it was the long line of her throat and the messy cap of copper hair that made him restless. He enjoyed a nice body, but the sunset cap of silk made his fingers itch to touch, and to stroke. His eyes dropped back to the matching curls at the center of her sex and his mouth watered. She still glistened a bit, her body still primed from earlier? Or had she enjoyed pleasing him?

With a gasping sigh she stepped between his legs and dropped into the tub, letting the steam and heat envelop her. He used the water to let her drift back, so her back curved into his front. The silky water and the feel of a hard man behind her were decadent. She loved a bath, even used her claw footed tub often, but this was different.

This was intimate and she felt exposed. As if getting naked with him hadn’t already left her exposed, she thought dryly. She felt him shift in the water until they were both spread out. He lifted one knee to support her, causing her to turn a little so she was at an angle. She shuddered when his fingers coasted along her knee then along the inside of her thigh.

He tucked his chin into the crook of her neck and nuzzled gently then sucked the lobe of her ear into his mouth, just as his fingers teased her lips apart. He felt her tremble against him and he hissed when her hips shifted, bringing the smooth curve of her ass snug up against his rapidly waking cock.

Her hips moved restlessly against his hand, causing a gentle wave in the bath oils and warm water. His other hand came up around her waist and gently followed along the line of her ribs to the tip of her nipple that curved out of the water.

He cupped her and the air felt like a blast of the arctic against the bone melting heat of the tub. She gasped when he tugged at her nipple again and again, with just the tiniest hint of pressure and the same rhythm chased her aching center. She’d been so ready just from tasting him, from wrapping her lips around him and taking him inside of her mouth she’d felt more pleasure in that one moment than the last three relationships she’d had.

Having him touch her so gently, and yet so insistently had her close to orgasm even before she could think about the next ride up. He slid a finger inside of her then back out and resumed the incessant touches, the almost non-touch of his fingertips on her clit until she couldn’t stop the swift intakes of breath. The heat, and the steam and his touch had her gasping.

He felt the release as heard it when she fell apart in his arms. The quaking shudder was sweet and the way she fell bonelessly against him left a goofy grin on his face. She dragged his hand away from her throbbing center and laced their fingers against her stomach. He could still feel the quiver of her body and he wanted to watch her go up and over again, wanted to turn her around until she knelt before him and he could watch her face.

But he decided to enjoy the closeness instead. There was nothing quite like the feel of a satisfied woman in your arms. The warmth and the silky curve of breast, thigh and arms wrapped around him were like nothing else.

He drifted with her, until the water went to cold and the shudders turned to shivers. “Time to get out before we’re pruney popsicle sticks.”

“My bathtub is going to feel like a bucket after this one, you do realize that?”

“Looks like you should be spending all your bath times with me and Mr. Rubber Ducky.”

Tessa turned to him in the water and grinned. “Is that what you call him?”

Jon reached over and picked up a small little red duck with horns. “Yeah, I’ve got Rubber Ducky then I’ve got Devil Ducky.”

Tessa laughed, “Devil Ducky?”

“Oh yes, but you get to pick which one you play with in the water.”

Her laugh went to delighted as he helped her from the tub. She took an unsteady step down and he caught her against him. “Too much steam, babe?”

She wrapped her slick arms around his neck. “It’s all just a ploy to get back in your arms again,” she said blinking against the black dots invading her line of sight.

Jon knew she was lying, but let it go. He knew that overindulging in the hot tub or the steam room had similar effects on the body. They had been in there far too long. He followed instinct this time and scooped her off her feet. “Well, let’s not disappoint!”

Tessa yelped and held onto his shoulders. “Oh my God, put me down.”

He grabbed two towels on his way out the door and walked her to the bed, snapping one out before he rolled her on the bed and himself on top of her. “It’s just the easiest way to get you under me again, woman.”


Peg said...

Oh Good Lord - what a way to spend a Saturday. Thank you Queen Hussy, lol.

Just lovin it but you know that.

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OMFG Just like Tessa and Jon I can not get enough - and what a treat that just about everytime I check there is a new chapter available - Tara keep it coming - please

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tara!! i finally was able to read all the chapters!!! WOW!!! This is good!!!! can't wait to read more!!!!

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tara you are supose to tell me when you post another chapter!! what a chapter it was!!! what, do we have three hours left now? lucky tessa!!!! great work!!

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Love it! Wanna meet "devil ducky"... LOL!

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