Chapter 24

Tessa sighed, her body felt warm and loose when she rolled. She searched for a pillow to stuff under her head and found only cool sheets. The shushing whisper of aerosol drifted into her dreams and the rasp of warmth on her skin slowly dragged her awake.

With a humming sigh she slid her knee up closer to her body. She opened her eyes and saw Jon looming over her, his tongue followed the contour of her thigh to her hip trailing behind a line of whipped cream. He looked up from a fall of sandy blonde hair, blue eyes peeking with a hint of the devil. “My turn.”

She rolled onto her back. “And I don’t know about your mother, but mine taught me it was only right to take turns.”

“Of course, I come from a good Jersey home, baby.” The tip of his tongue dipped in along her hip bone and he spurted a quick whoosh of cream into her belly button. “Now that’s a sundae.”

She gave an involuntary shriek when his tongue flicked into her belly button.

He shot her a half grin. “Are we ticklish?” He rested the can on the inside of her thigh and held her down. He lapped at her lower stomach and back into her belly button.

She gasped, the can was ice cold from use then the laughter started. Between pleasure and hysterics she squirmed to get away from him. “Oh my God! Jon! Wait!”

“Half of winning is exploiting a weakness, babe.” He lapped again and curled his tongue back into the dip until he found the last bit of sugary cream. He lifted the can again and arrowed a line up her ribs to the underside of her breast and tipped her nipple with a separate dollop.

The laugher died out as he slowly worked his way up to her breast, taking extra care to get every last drop. He was ready for her this time. There was no fumbling for a condom, no misplaced timing. He moved until he was between her thighs when he took the last creamy lick of her and plunged deep.

Tessa groaned and took all of him, her hips instantly adjusting for a deeper penetration. To go from laughter to pleasure so quickly left her body in shock. And her brain scrambled to catch up.

He watched the laughter turn to pleasure and her green eyes deepened in response. Her hands rose to touch him and he clasped them over her head, waiting for her to realize that turnabout was so obviously fair play.

Tessa stilled as her fingers were trapped beneath his wide hands. She drew in a breath and accepted his deep stroke, her fingers curling over his changing the flavor of the dominance to a soul shattering acceptance. His fingers laced with hers and his stroke became a little less controlled with the building excitement.

Jon felt the shift of power as she curled around him both body and heart. The way she opened for him, accepted him and the naked trust shining in those summer field eyes left him in awe. He lowered his mouth to hers and closed the distance between them, and the soft moan that purred between them as they finished was like nothing he’d shared with a woman before.

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