Chapter 20

Tessa sat back in her chair with both hands over her stomach. “I’m so full I’m going to hurl.”

Jon wiped his mouth with a napkin and laughed. “I’m pretty fuckin’ full myself.” He leaned both elbows on the table. “So, now what am I going to do with you?”

“Tuck me into bed?” she said sleepily.

“Nah, it’s too early for bed, four more hours remember?”

“Sweet Jesus, I thought you were just being boastful.” She studied him through slitted eyes. He really was more than beautiful. His hair was rumpled from sex and sleep and his chest was bare, the deep brown hair swirling around a defined torso with just the slightest hint of silver daring to peek through.

“I wasn’t,” he said simply and laughed when she opened one eye. “You cannot be tuckering out on me.”

“Sleeeeepy. Belly full.”

“C’mon, I know the perfect place.” He stood next to her, sliding his fingers over the nape of her neck. “I promise you’ll like it.”

“That’s what a man says right before he says relax it’ll only hurt for a minute.”

He laughed and tugged her out of the chair. “You say the most outrageous things.”

“I’m sated on sex and food,” she said with a wry smile when she stumbled into his arms.

He resisted the urge to pick her up, feeling lame at the thought of sweeping her off her feet. There was something about her that made a man think of romance and grand gestures and that was a very dangerous thing. Instead he laced his fingers in hers and led her back up the stairs.

When they made it back to the master bedroom he turned to her and took both wrists bringing them up to his chest. “Wait,” he said and kissed her on the mouth thoroughly, “Right here.”

Tessa dragged her hands through her hair and winced. She must look like hell. But she couldn’t seem to wipe the shit eating grin off her face. She’d never felt so good in her life. And even if this was the one and only night she had with him, it was so worth it.

“Hey,” he said from the doorway.

Her mouth dried instantly and every single nerve ending went on high alert. He stood in the entrance to the bathroom, his shoulder leaning on the door jamb and his hands stuffed into his pockets. His jeans were loose and dipped low on his hips showing the smooth line of his hip bones and the shadow of darker hair where she knew he was nestled behind the zipper.

“I like how you look at me,” he said surprising himself that he’d vocalize what he thought.

She didn’t have that adoring star struck look that he was so often afraid of. This was lust. Pure and honest lust. His cock decided he liked it as well and he felt his jeans tighten.

“Well, I like looking, pal.” With an effort she got her feet working and moved toward him. “In fact,” she put her hand on him and trailed her fingertips over the sleek line of his shoulder and changed course, letting her nails swirl through the crisp hairs of his chest and lower into the dip that fascinated her right along his belly button and then curved out slightly.

Jon swallowed and closed his eyes for a moment. She was so achingly careful in how she touched him. The way she traced his chest and belly making his cock jump in response. How long had it been since he’d just enjoyed a touch and didn’t rush for the final moment, knowing he had so many other things to do. He opened his eyes and his gut churned when her soft eyes went dark as emeralds. Her nails were replaced with her knuckle as she followed the line of his hip and tucked her fingertip into his jeans and grazed over his hair roughened skin until she hit the button.

She gasped when his hands suddenly dragged her close and his fingers dug into the nape of her neck bringing her mouth up for a drugging kiss. One hand coasted down her back and pulled her forward as his fingers gripped the thick corduroy bunching it until she felt air along her ass.

He backed into the bathroom and finally let her mouth go. Her lips were swollen and the green had deepened even more as she opened her eyes. “I really think we need a bath.”

Tessa breathed deep, the smell of the ocean wrapped around her from the wisps of candlelight and the steam of the water already drawing in the Olympic sized tub. Clever remarks were lost in the haze her brain had become at the thought of him naked, and wet.

He flicked open the buttons of her shirt and each creamy inch of flesh he revealed left him shaken. He wanted to toss her on the floor and drive himself into her until he could get rid of the needs raging inside of him, but something felt right about drawing it out right now. Something about her made him want to take the time.

He barely touched her, only the calloused tips of his fingers dipped into the opening of the shirt and yet her body was screaming already. He left the shirt open as he dropped his jeans. Her eyes zeroed in on the stiff length of him so hard it hugged the front of his body with tension. She reached out to touch and frowned when he stilled her hand.

“Oh no, not if you don’t want this to be over before we hit the water,” he said with a rough laugh.

“Well the water would be perfect to clean up,” she said and dropped to her knees.

“Tessa no, I want to –“ but his thoughts erased when her mouth surrounded his balls and sucked one into her mouth and the flat of her tongue began its assault. He locked his knees and surrendered. There really wasn’t anything else he could do. She cupped him gently and wound the tip of her tongue around the base of his cock and he was helpless to do anything but watch.

She trailed the tip of her tongue along the underside of his cock enjoying the texture of him, the swollen length and the pulsing veins that surfaced when she made her way to the rim of his head. She used the flat of her tongue to cup his silky head and took all of him into her mouth slowly so that she could take him deep.

“Oh fuck,” Jon managed to say when her hot mouth surrounded him. Part of him wanted to grab the back of her head and fuck her mouth hard, but the other half just sat in a stupor as she milked him with her hand. With each stroke of her mouth and tongue she had him on the edge, but when her hand was ready with a tight grasp not letting up on the pressure he knew he was lost.

She cupped his balls, drawing on every instinct to pleasure him as she opened her legs finding cushioning in his pile of jeans under her knees. She felt herself open, and her own sex slick with need. Listening to the low groan that rumbled from him as she took him deep again had her half ready to come as well.

“Tessa,” he shouted when the control he’d been fighting couldn’t…wouldn’t be held back any longer.

She drew from him, milking him from base to tip as she felt his warm cum flow. She carefully breathed through her nose and took all of it, her hands moved around to grip his ass as she swallowed.

Jon felt the roaring in his brain subside then only the sound of his own gasps registered. She sat back on her haunches, his shirt gaping open to reveal her skin and the curve of her breast. A stiff pink nipple peeked from the edge of the shirt and he could see the glisten of juices on the curls of her sex. He pulled her up from the floor, astounded at the level of giving that one woman had.

He gently pushed back the shirt and let it fall down her shoulders and slip off her arms to pool next to his clothes. He forced his breathing to even and on shaky legs he stepped up onto the platform where the tub was and gathered her into him. “I-“

She pressed her mouth into his neck, “Shh…that bath is looking quite amazing right now.”

He swallowed back the words. Words he wasn’t sure about for the first time in his life and stepped into the steaming water.


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I love this story!!!! Carol

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I'm running out of ways to say how good this story is - Dayum - breathing heavy again LOL

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wow!! that pretty much sums it all up!!! i am loving it!!!! great job!

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Just three words!
Hot hot and hot!!

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