Chapter 17

Tessa woke with a broken arm and a thigh that had so many pins and needles going through it that she was fairly certain she’d have to scream the roof down before the pain subsided. She and Jon were a tangle of limbs and his torso still had her spread eagle on the bed with one hundred and seventy some odd pounds of male cutting off half her air.

She felt like a million bucks.

With a start, Jon popped up and the sleepy shock of a man dragged out of sleep drilled back the pain in her leg until she exploded with a strangled laugh. He looked down at her blankly for a moment before he blinked. “Did I fall asleep?”

Without thought, she let her fingertips trail over his steel banded arms then around his waist and shifted her hip from under him. “I think we both did.”

He scrubbed a hand over his face and yawned. “Wow, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

Her eyebrow zinged up. “Well hell, I hope you meant all four orgasms of it.”

He dropped a rough kiss on her lips, wiping the near smirk that was forming. “Oh no, I meant to do every one of those.” The feel of a naked woman beneath him finally registered and his cock agreed with his good fortune. He smiled down at her; the wry curve of his lips had a bit of the devil lurking in his expressive eyes.

She lifted heavy lids and decided pins and needles were more than enough of a price to pay for the swollen length of him bumping her inner thigh. “Well, I guess everyone’s up then.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe I fell asleep.” His hand drifted down her naked thigh and delighted in how easily she cupped him. “I don’t do much of that lately,” he said ruefully. He reached for the drawer again and she yelped as he pressed deeply into her thigh.

He came back and smiled down at her, “Sorry about that.”

“Why don’t I believe you?”

With a quick twist he sheathed himself with the latex then buried himself deep. “I have no idea where you’d get that idea.”

Tessa’s mouth dropped open and her eyes went blind as he pulled out and stroked again. She shifted herself to a better position and Jon leaned back on his knees lifting her leg over his shoulder pressing deep again.

“I’m wasting away a perfectly good night,” he said on a groan as she fisted around him, her body not fully ready for him.

She gasped and felt her insides ease for him, surprise and arousal swam together when he immediately drove inside of her again. She opened her eyes and met his gaze. The dangerous lust swirling in his eyes was a direct contrast the sweetness of their earlier loving. And her body heated in reaction to it.

He pushed forward, not happy until each thrust had him completely seated inside of her and with each jarring thrust he felt the lust grow. He’d held back before. He’d loved watching the fire stoke and burn inside of her, but now he just wanted the fire.

Her hips jerked against him, making her breasts bounce enticingly and he leaned down to suck a nipple into his mouth, maneuvering her until her legs were around his hips again as he drove into her. He slid both hands under her back and lifted her onto his lap until they were face to face and she rode his thighs.

She knew what he wanted and each thrust went deeper as her knees hit the mattress and she sat astride him. She hooked her arms around his neck and her hips undulated until his blue eyes went glassy. She felt the sweat drip down her nose and slick between them, but she didn’t care.

The friction of their bodies, and the sweat poured as she fought to hold back the building orgasm. She wouldn’t be first this time. She wanted to watch him lose it like she had. She groaned out a gasp when he gripped her hips to slam her down on him. His head tipped back and she watched the control slip even as she scraped her teeth down that strong corded neck.

She forced him back, feeling the ripple of muscles in his belly flex when she flattened him, holding his chest down with two hands she rose above him. She tasted blood as she bit her lip against the need to let go, but she wouldn’t.

Jon arched off the bed and he heard his own moan as he shot himself inside of her, the orgasm grasping and clawing at him leaving a roaring in his head as she rode him harder. “Tessa!” he shouted.

She dropped on top of him heaving for breath as the shudders came. He felt her quick tightening, knowing it wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough and he neatly rolled her and drove his still hard cock deep inside of her.

He pulled his chest and belly away and teased her glistening clit as he shifted ever so slightly inside of her, always inside, just enough to pulse within her like a heartbeat. Her green eyes were the color of grass after a spring rain, and they held his as she went over, her body shuddering with each flick of his knuckle.

He dropped on top of her for a moment to catch his breath. Zero to sixty never felt so good. He rolled them until she curled around him like a contented puppy. Her breathing already steadying in recovery her hand curled low on his belly to rest.

He disposed of the offending latex and settled back among the pillows happy to enjoy the feel of a warm female in his arms and in his bed. He only laughed when he heard the slight purr of her dropping into sleep already and followed her there.


edgebag said...

"0-60"... oh yeah! :o)

Bianca said...

I'm sorry...I don't mean to seem thick or smth, but what is 0-60? :D

Peg said...


Anonymous said...

OMG I so want to be Tessa.

Anonymous said...

0 - 60 is a term used for cars mostly. That the car can go from 0 (standing still) to 60 (miles per hour) in so many seconds. The fewer the seconds, the faster the car.

In this case, they went from asleep to mind blowing orgasm quickly! heheheh

And I loved reading every word of it. How wrong is it to be jealous of a fictional character?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oops! Meant to put my name at the end of the 0 - 60 explanation....


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this story! Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think I need a cold shower!! Carol

mamybest said...

"...felt like a million bucks..." yeah i bet so!! i would!!! lucky tessa!!!

Bianca said...

Oh, thanks for the explanation...you see, we use 0 to 100 (kilometres) so that's why I didn't get it the first time...ummm, very very nice Tara!

Starr said...

Another great one! Loved it!

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