Chapter 22

Tessa opened her thighs and hugged him close to her as they tumbled on the bed. Without a thought he was deep inside of her and the dancing spots returned full force. He felt so big and so very right inside of her.

Jon gasped at the feel of her tight around him. God, she felt good. His head spun as the scent of their bath and her own musk fisted around him as potent as her body. Too good, he thought with madness creeping in. He quickly pulled out of her pressed his forehead into her shoulder, forcing himself not to plunge back into her.

“What?” her fingers came up to clutch at his shoulders. “Why did you stop?”

“Give me a second.”

She could feel him vibrating with need above her, his arms shaking to keep his body away from her. He quickly rolled off her and she saw him sit on the side of the bed and grip his knees taking deep breaths. “What’s wrong, Jon?”

He reached for the drawer and Tessa gasped. “Yeah,” he said and threw two packets on the bed. “I cannot believe I forgot.”

He glanced over his shoulder and she saw the tension and a trace of…anger? She gathered a towel around her and sat next to him. “I’m sorry.”

He slid a hand into her hair, the damp locks curled around his fingers, diffusing his anger at himself. “Don’t be sorry, I just can’t believe I forgot. I never forget. Ever.”

“It’s okay we-“

“No, it’s not okay. I protect myself and my partner, it’s just common sense.”

“So, is it bad that I feel really good and really hot that I made you so crazy you forgot?” she said hoping to get a smile.

He choked on a laugh. “God, what am I going to do with you?” he said and rolled her back on the bed. And while the smirk on her face normally would have pissed him off, he couldn’t seem to find the anger anymore. Not when she was so delighted with herself.

Feeling a woman skin to skin had been one of those things that had only happened with his wife and that had lost its spark a long time ago. He sheathed himself then let himself settle between her thighs again. He squashed down the disappointment. She still felt amazing, but…he let his lower chest rest against her body, content to bring the lust back to the dull roar he’d felt a few minutes ago.

Tessa felt the change in him, the difference in the rhythm. She was amazed she could tell the difference already, but she knew that she was losing the momentum that they’d had a moment ago. She angled herself and flipped him, straddling his legs. “I think I want to be on top this time.” With a sense of satisfaction she watched the heat build again in his expressive blue eyes.

She caged him. “I want you to move up.” The smirk that formed on his lips gave her another flash of power.

He shifted under her, the tip of his cock bumping along her inner thigh. “You want me to move?” He reached for the oversized headboard and pulled himself up the bed. Her fingers clamped over his around the thick spindle of gleaming cherry wood. And he arched beneath her, trying to shift his other hand to touch her.

“Uhn-uh, just I get to touch.” She took his hand away from her breast and wrapped his fingers around another thick spindle. “Think you can stay there?”

“What’s my incentive?”

“You’ll see.”

“I like instant gratification.” He said and rocked his hips up against her.

She snatched the towel off the bed. “Patience makes the end product sweeter,” she said and climbed off of him.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

She tucked the towel around herself and went for the door.


She stopped and turned, letting a lock of hair cover her eye. “Yes?”

“Where are you going?”

She went back to him and leaned down, pressing an openmouthed kiss on his lips, letting her tongue tangle with his until his taste flooded her mouth. She stood again, drunk with lust and excitement. “Be a good boy and you’ll see.” She laughed when she heard his shout again.

“I’ll be right back,” she called to him.


Bianca said...

Can't wait to see what Tessa's got in store for him....whoopyyyy!!!

edgebag said...

Holy crap! Tell me she's going for the Reddi-Whip!

Anonymous said...

Hey you cant just leave us hanging here - must have more......pleeeze

Anonymous said...

uh-oh!! Time for the Redi-whip!!! Can't wait!! Carol

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