Chapter 23

Tessa tucked the towel tighter and hot footed it down the stairs. She looked both ways, unsure if Jon had staff in the mansion he referred to as a house. She had a house, three bedroom and two bathrooms…that was a house, he had a palace.

She couldn’t remember exactly how she’d found the kitchen the first time, but she’d find it again. She turned left and found the family room filled with comfortable couches and rounded corners on furniture. She backed out and swung right. A small light in the kitchen glowed and she dashed in and dragged her hands along the paneled wood until she found the fridge door.

Her mouth dropped open at the amount of food, both good and bad in there. Obviously some kid friendly then there was loads of salad and veggies along with beer, soda and a stockpile of water. She scanned the contents hoping he wasn’t lying.

“Ah ha!” She snatched the can on the door and closed the door, then thought better and grabbed two bottles of water. She dashed back up the stairs and dropped her towel at the door before she entered. She set the two bottles on the table by the door before he noticed her.

His hands were tucked beneath his head and his body was still on display with a sheet rolling low on his hips. The fire blazed again, cutting the chill that had crept in the room.

He turned. “It’s about time you came-“ his words fell away when he noticed the can of Reddi-Wip in her hands. “Well hello there.”

“Found what I was looking for.” She shook the can, pleased to find it full. He started to untuck his hands. “Uhn-uh. You stay just like that, darlin’.”

Jon eased back, his cock already back into the game. The firelight gilded her smooth, porcelain skin. He loved that she was comfortable with her body and his cock jerked under the sheet when she lowered the can to her nipple and popped the cap.

She managed to catch the gasp of shock from the cold aerosol and leave a dollop of cream on her nipple and was ready when she did the same on the other. She walked in the room and hopped up on his bed, straddling him. “I wanted something sweet.”

Jon bit back a groan when he felt her warm center hone in on his stiff cock under the sheet. He leaned forward to catch a drip of rapidly melting whipped cream. He started at the underside of her breast and widened his lips to catch the entire tip into his mouth, licking the sugary sweetness off of her then swallowing. “Mmmm…” he said and settled back.

Tessa flicked the other dollop off her with her finger and grinned when his stomach muscles contracted to lift his head chest from the bed. “Want this one too?”

He licked his lips and the half grin on his face left her breathless. “Oh yeah.”

She popped her finger in her own mouth and licked it off. “It does taste good.”

He rocked lightly and tipped her balance until she fell forward. He caught her nipple in his mouth and cleared off the rest. “Yeah it does.”

Tessa laughed and pressed her fingers into his chest. “That’s cheating.”

“I told you I like to win.” He eased back and started to unwind his arms from behind his head.

“Oh no, those need to stay right there.” She leaned forward. “Or,” she reached toward the rungs of his bed frame, “You can keep them here.”

Jon lifted his head and nipped at the still sweet nipple above him, laving his tongue over the stiff pink tip. Satisfied when he heard the low purr in her throat he eased back.

Tessa felt her eyes cross as he tasted her and almost forgot about the game she wanted to play. God, his mouth felt good on her skin. She hitched back and sat on his thighs, her body already pulsing at the thought of the muscles quivering beneath her. “Think you can keep your hands to yourself?”

“What fun would that be for you?” he said teasingly.

“That’s true, to a point.” She watched him settle back on his folded arms, tucking his hands beneath his head. “But, it’s really hard not to touch and there lies the fun.” She felt the muscles in his belly tighten. “Ahh…so you see what I mean. So, the test is can you keep your hands off me?”

She leaned forward and pressed the tip of the can to his nipple and shot a quick spurt of sugar onto his skin. His body jerked. “Cold isn’t it? Here let me,” her mouth lowered and she swirled her tongue through the cream until she found the flat, round disk.

Jon’s fingers flexed against his own shoulders as she slowly licked every bit of the Reddi-wip off his chest, and then started in on the other nipple. With each lap of her tongue and each whisper of the can he lost more of his brain cells. Soon all he could do was feel and when her mouth lowered to his cock he knew he wasn’t going to make it.

Tessa rocked back until his legs were trapped between her thighs and the prize was in her sight. The thrum of power left her as excited as she’d been their first time. She knew it was taking an effort for him to hold back and to just lay there and take whatever she dished out, but he did. When his belly quivered as she lowered her head she smiled up at him and the satisfying wisp of air and whipped cream that followed pooled the excitement low in her belly.

Jon watched as the cream landed at the base of his cock and the tip of her tongue lifted it off of him and into her mouth. She cleaned him thoroughly and dropped her lips over him, taking him deep. He arched off the bed and groaned when her tongue hugged the entire length of him on one long, slow glide. Her copper hair glowed in the firelight as her head bobbed with each give and take.

He wasn’t sure when, but his hands had reached for the rungs of his frame and he held on for dear life as she worked him. Just before he was going to finish, she reached for the other condom laying on the bed and wrapped him, then circled her fingers tight at the base of his cock. His head jerked back with the denial and then he felt her fist around him slowly as she took him inside her body.

Tessa felt the orgasm building inside of him and wanted to ride through it with him for once. She felt him stretch her, ached everywhere when he finally was seated fully within her. She looked down at him, straining against the spindles holding him down with only sheer will.

Jon fought back the need to cum as she rode him, her lean body arching above him as she took him faster, the muscles in her own thighs quivering on each pass of her body on his, the way she took him deeper and deeper on each stroke. She cried out on top of him and he could feel the tightening inside of her as they both headed for the rise. He wanted to touch her, to gather her close, but just held on instead and when the blackness shimmered around his vision he shouted his own release with her.

When he came to, she was sprawled over him, her cheek on his chest and her body limp. He unwrapped his fingers from the frame and tunneled his fingers through her hair and down her back. She moaned a little and settled into him. He’d let her rest for a moment, but he eyed the can and wondered how much was left.


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