Chapter 18

Tessa woke, burrowing against the coolness of the room into the warm body beside her. The sheets were a tangle around their hips and a corner was all that covered her shoulders. The fire had long since gone out and the quiet of the night settled around the room.

She peered into the darkness, looking for an alarm clock. The man had to have one with his schedule.

“Looking for your clothes?” Jon murmured out of the dark.

She jumped. “No, the clock. I could look for my clothes if you wanted me to…”

He stretched and curled her into his chest. “Nope, I still have a few more hours on the setlist.”

She groaned and levered herself up. “Do you realize how awful that was?”

With a satisfied sigh he tugged her back along his side and tucked his chin on the top of her head. “Yeah, but I promised six hours and that’s what you’re going to get. I never used to need naps between though.”

She giggled, surprised to hear the girlish sound pass her lips. She brushed her nose into the fur of his chest, finding his nipple she flicked her tongue around the small flat disk. “And we must keep our promises.”

“Always,” he said more solemnly than he’d intended.

Tessa stopped teasing and let her fingers tunnel through the hair on his chest until she got to his smooth shoulder. His eyes shined a little in the dim light, but she could see well enough to press her hand against his cheek and bring her lips to his. “I agree,” she said quietly.

The moment passed when his stomach growled menacingly under her. “I guess you’re hungry for food this time,” she laughed.

“The burgers may be salvageable if I toss them on the grill.”

“Hey, if McDonalds tastes decent in the microwave then superb burgers will taste like good ones.”

He flicked on the small lamp beside the bed and turned to her wincing only slightly at the harsh light. “A simple woman after my own heart,” he said and pinned her underneath him. He grinned down at her nuzzling under her jaw, letting the scent of woman and sex merge around him with the tiniest wisp of pear. “I like the way you smell,” he said and nipped her chin.

“Like I spent the last two hours in the gym?” she said wrinkling her nose.

“No you smell like sex and pears. I don’t think I’ll be able to get that smell out of my head.” He rolled off of her and the bed dragging her with him. “But as much as I’d rather lose myself in between those delicious thighs, I need to eat.”

Tessa felt her tummy flip at the dirty yet delicious compliment and managed to get herself to a kneeling position. Her body felt used and at the same time so loose she knew it was going to be a good long time before she could sleep again.

Jon’s mind blanked at the proud tilt of her shoulders and the heaviness of her breasts swaying as she moved toward him. Her waist was nipped in with a tiny little ladybug low on her stomach, about an inch above her mound. His eyebrow arched. The tattoo was a surprise. He couldn’t believe he missed it before. He hopped off the bed and stood before her, letting the tip of his finger circle the black and red ink. “Ladybug, huh?”

Tessa shivered and gasped when his fingers drifted lower dipping between her legs. Her head tipped back when he pushed his long middle finger inside of her.

“Tiny little tattoos turn me on,” he whispered and slid another finger inside of her.

Her thighs shuddered as he cupped her. “I thought you were hungry,” she gasped and grabbed onto his shoulders before she fell over.

His hand slid over her hip and around the back of her cheek. He kneaded the soft skin and slid between her legs from the back, opening her legs wider. He could feel the slick wetness of her already and hunger changed course. She was so responsive to him that he couldn’t help but to want more. His palm dug deeper and he felt the stiff clit inside of her against his hand. He held her still, crowding her from the front and continued his assault on her mouth.

She cried out when the first pulse of orgasm came out of nowhere. His hand seemed to be everywhere and she felt so full when he drove his two fingers into her she sucked back a scream.

Jon swallowed the groan and worked her until his hand was so soaked it slid from her shuddering body. His teeth grazed her chin and down to the long line of her throat as he pulled her into his arms. “Shhh…” he said and tugged her off the bed.

On wobbly legs she fell into him drunkenly. “Now I don’t think that was exactly fair,” she gasped.

“No, but I’m really hungry now,” he said and gave her butt a quick slap. “If you don’t get some clothes on I’m definitely going to toss you back on that bed and find out exactly how good you taste.”

She paused a second. Damn if that didn’t sound like a really good idea. Too bad her stomach growled a bit louder than her lust. “I can eat in about ten minutes flat, I don’t know about you.”

He stepped into his jeans. “Race ya.”

“Hey!” she yelled and grabbed his shirt off the floor, buttoning it as she chased after him.


mamybest said...

great!!! for more of jonny, i'd only eat half my burger!!! loved it tara!!! good job!!!

edgebag said...

Ladybugs and pears, huh? I'll never look at them the same again! :o)

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