Chapter 25

She enjoyed the weight of him as they surfaced. In fact, she liked it way too much. There was something so incredibly amazing about the feel of him so relaxed against her, and she knew if things didn’t work out, she’d still remember this part. Where he let himself go and enjoyed being in her arms.

She smiled as he pressed his lips into her neck and slowly licked his way to her ear then sucked gently until his lips were only a whisper away.

“Tessa,” he said with a low and husky grumble.


“You need a shower.”

She scissored her legs around him and flipped him. “That was sooooo not nice to say,” she said while holding him tight with her knees at his hips.

He looked up at her a huge smile splitting his face. “You’ve got some serious power in those thighs, babe.”

“And you’re very rude.”

“Girl, we are covered in Reddi-Wip. We both need a shower.” He hitched his own thighs up and curled forward bringing her with him to an upright position. “You’re still pretty tiny though. I’ve got at least fifty pound on you.”

Tessa’s belly fluttered at the play of muscles along his arms and the tight rippling stomach as she found herself in his lap again. “So are we going to do this power play thing every time I try and pin you.”


The way he said it; so simply and with such obvious enjoyment gave her a great deal more pleasure than it should. “Well, I’ll restrain myself from kissing that smirk off your face only because we really do need a shower.”

“Wanna kiss me anyway?”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer. “I seem to always want to kiss you.”

“Then don’t stop yourself on my account,” he said enjoying her. Even with the little battles of power between them, she had such a fun spirit he couldn’t help but smile and flirt even when it wasn’t necessary. She made him happy and that was something he didn’t want to analyze, he just wanted to enjoy it.

She settled into the kiss, her lips knew just what to do to please him, to draw him into the kiss and when his tongue sought entrance she was more than happy to oblige. She’d always enjoyed kissing and her self imposed celibacy only made that more obvious as she moved her mouth over his. His fingers slowly inched up her back and into her hair and she sighed. The man knew just what to do to make her insane.

He drew back and smiled up at her. “I honestly don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed an evening more.”

Tessa nuzzled his nose and pressed her cheek to his. “You know…I know how passé it is to bring old lovers into the bedroom with you…but I have to tell you, even after being with a man for over a year, I was never as comfortable as I am with you.”

His grin turned into a soft smile. “You know, I think that’s one compliment I’ll take gladly.” He licked his lips. “I gotta say…I’m absolutely parched. I think you dehydrated me, woman.”

“Well, there was quite a bit of fluid loss going on in this bed,” she said and laughed. She rolled off him and the bed and snagged the water bottles she left at the door. “I did think ahead though.”

He took the water bottle gratefully. “I do appreciate a woman with a good mind.”

“Good thing,” she said and took a large gulp of water. She didn’t mind that it was room temperature, could even drink more deeply because of it. She almost bobbled hers when she caught a glance at Jon tipping his head back and finishing off the bottle of water. His throat worked with each gulp leaving her thirst far from quenched. “You really gotta stop doing stuff like that,” she muttered.

He dragged his hand across his mouth and capped the bottle tossing it into his garbage. “What do you mean?”

She swallowed, “Never mind.”

He nipped at her neck, just under her jaw and walked to the bathroom. “I’ll be in the shower when you get yourself put together.”

“When I-“ she began and shot her cap at him. But the fit of laughter wouldn’t be stopped the when the white cap pinged off his taught buttock. She doubled over and dug deep for composure, only to start again when he shot her a look over his shoulder then shook his head and kept walking.

She ran after him and grabbed the same cheek then the other and dragged him in for a kiss. “I’m sorry,” she said between snorts of laughter.

“Were you aiming?”

She nodded and said, “Nope.”

He curled his arm around her neck and dragged her into the spray and the laughed their way through a soaping and a rather heated shampoo session that almost ended in another wet dash to the bed.

Jon managed to restrain himself and instead enjoyed bundling her into one of his super sized towels and backing her into his bedroom. “I’m wide awake, how about you?”

Tessa found her arms wrapped around his neck again. She was tempted to step back, not wanting to look as clingy as she felt but thought again when his hand rested on the small of her back. “I’m so not tired. I think wired would be a great word actually.”

“Wanna go hit the bar?” She raised a brow in response and he dropped a quick kiss on her lips. “My bar.”

“Oh,” she said and felt her stomach pitch. As a fan, she’d heard about his bar, even had seen pictures but to go there and see, to touch. “I really do. I think I’d like one of those famous Cosmos I’ve read about, too.”

He grinned, “My specialty.”

“I think my clothes have seen better days though.”

He stepped back and opened his armoire. “I’m sure I can find something for you in here.” He rummaged until he settled on a silky grey t-shirt. “How about your pants?”

“They’re fine,” she said and flicked them out to get the worst of the wrinkles out.

“I prefer you without, but we do have to leave the house.” He tossed her the shirt and pulled one out for himself. The T-shirt was old and faded and exactly what he wanted to wear for the rest of the evening. Well, until he got her naked again anyway.

Neither one of them had a love for shoes and laughed when they grudgingly put shoes on against the cold of the night. They dashed to the other building on his property, both of them tripping over half laced shoes. He quickly unlocked the door and they fell inside laughter still teasing around them like a scent.

She’s never let herself have this much fun with a man. Adam and Nichole were her closest friends, and she didn’t think she’d ever felt this comfortable around Adam. She grinned when he rounded the bar and started pulling down glasses and bottles. She hopped on the barstool and spun herself in front of him. “Oh bartender, I do believe I need myself an adult beverage.”

He started pouring various liquids into a tall silver cup without measuring. She watched, fascinated as his fingers flipped the bottles and the cords of muscle and tendons worked in his forearms. Was there anything he did that wasn’t sexy? She shook her head as he capped it with a glass and twirled it.

“Now you’re just showing off,” she said with a smile.

He cocked a brow at her. “Me?”

Dropping her head into her propped hands she swayed in her seat. “Yeah you.”

He twirled it high and caught it behind his back. “That was showing off.”

She folded her arms on the bar and laughed. “That was definitely showing off.”

He pulled two frosty martini glasses in front of them and poured a pair of perfectly raspberry colored drinks. He pushed one in front of her and took his own in hand. “To a perfect evening.”

She clinked her glass with his and took a sip. “Oh that’s good. You can’t taste the alcohol.”

He smirked. “Just the way I like to ply a woman.”


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Anytime you want to post Chapter 26, I'll be here waiting.

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hey tara! i just wanted to let you know that i enjoyed all the chapters i had to read to get caught up! like peg, anytime that you wanna post chapter 26, i will be here!! great work gal!!!!

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Cosmopolitans! My favorite drink! Great chapter.

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Oh what i wouldn't give to toss back a few with JBJ in his pub - Oh who am I kidding I'd sell my soul to be living as Tessa right now. hehehe

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