Chapter 26

Tessa let her eyes travel the male domain. Jon’s various movie posters hung proudly on the walls and a full scale pool table dominated the room. Club chairs and touches of leather dotted the walls and the curved shelves that held the cues and made the tiniest of lips along the edge to prevent spills.

Ashtrays dotted the dark shelves and a jukebox filled one corner. She sipped her drink as she let her fingertips touch everything. The leather was surprisingly soft, rich with use and quality. The wood gleamed with obvious care and the plush felt of the pool table again spoke of money, though quietly, it was still apparent that he liked his toys and paid for them in every aspect of his life.

Jon studied her as she took in the room, her curious touch left him hot and itchy causing him to finish of his drink a bit faster than he intended. He’d been aware she was tactile, and enjoyed it when it came to him, but was surprised to find himself turned on when she stroked the deep blue felt of his pool table.

He rounded the bar and made another Cosmo, bringing the shaker with him to refill hers as well. She turned to him, the soft smile splitting her face now devoid of makeup and the soft fall of her copper hair called to him. He topped her off, leaving the shaker on the shelf as he sifted his fingers through her hair. “You look good in my space.”

She caught his wrist and pressed her face into his touch. “I feel really good in your space.”

His hair fuzzed a little as it dried curling up at the ends lying on his shoulders. “You know I like your hair a little long like this. It suits that lean angular face of yours.”

“Trying for a job, Tessa,” he teased.

“Nope, I love my job. It’s just an observation.” She put her drink down and fussed with the stubborn lock of hair that always fell forward. “You know as much as you hate people talking about your hair it’s just one of those things that is almost as trademarked as those amazing teeth of yours.”

His mouth tipped up in a smirk. “I’ve made peace with my hair. I can’t make people stop talking about it so I force myself not to roll my eyes when it’s mentioned.”

“No comment on the teeth?”

“Everyone’s gotta have one vanity.” A delighted laugh was her only answer. He backed her into the pool table and slid his leg between hers. He dipped his head, breathing in his shampoo and soap on her skin when he nuzzled her ear. “Wanna play?”

Tessa shivered. “Pool?” she managed to ask.

“That’s right. Do you play?”

“Not very well,” she lied easily. The chance to have him teach her was far too tempting. He didn’t need to know that she was on a league on Thursday nights through the summer.

He dipped his head again and brushed his lips against hers, flicking his tongue along her lower lip before he deepened the kiss. Tessa felt around for a shelf and put her drink down to wrap herself around him. He tasted of the sweet drink and the intoxicating brand all his own that made her head swim the same way it did the first time she kissed him. Would it always be this way, she wondered?

Jon gripped her hips, rolling his fingers back to the firm cuppable curve of her ass, lifting her against him to feel the hardness trapped in his jeans. “You make me insane,” he muttered into her mouth.

She pulled back a little breathless. “Ditto,” she said and pushed him back. “If you don’t stop that we won’t play the game.”

He caught her to him. “Do you really care about the game?”

She pressed her lips together and closed her eyes. She could do this. She could be in a room with him and not rip his clothes off. She was sure of it. Almost positive, really. She met the deep blue of his eyes. “I want you to teach me.”

Jon nearly busted out of his jeans at the husky tone of her voice. “You are an evil woman and should be locked up. You’re far too dangerous for the men of this world.”

Tessa let her fingers fall to the hard wedge of denim pressing against her belly and curved low to cup him. “There’s nothing dangerous about me, Mr. Bon Jovi, I don’t know where you would get that idea.”

He inched away from her starting with his aching cock and turned to the pool cues. If she wanted to play, then they’d play. And he’d teach her or kill himself trying. He chose two cues with perfect balance and pressed a few buttons on the jukebox as he passed.

Tessa grinned when ACDC came on and her grin split into a full scale smile when they sang of American thighs just as he handed her the cue. “Now who’s the evil one?”

“What? You don’t like ACDC?” He shuffled her to the end of the table and pressed his hand into her back to begin her lesson. “Now, there’s a few different ways you can hold the stick.”

“So I’ve heard,” she said and turned her head, her lips grazing his jaw. “Show me how you like to hold yours.” She was rewarded with a snuffling laugh in her ear and his voice lowering to almost a buzz.

“Well that may be awkward for you; I’ll show you how my Dad taught me. Okay bend forward and make your finger and thumb into an L,” he said and demonstrated around her.

Tessa breathed him in, all her nerve endings on alert when he curled himself around her. She automatically followed his lead and placed her stick in the small bridge her fingers made. She made sure to tip her hips up and snug her bottom into the still bulging placket of his jeans. “Like this?”

“Yes,” he said on a near groan. “Now line up your fingers and use your first finger as a guide to keep the stick straight and to hit the ball with the most power and control.”

She brought the cue back gently, unconsciously twisting the stick like she always did and broke sinking three of the balls, two high and one low.

“Well shit,” he said dropped his forehead into her shoulder.

“Beginners luck?”

“More like a shark.”

“More like I wanted to feel you wrapped around me from the back.”

Jon reached down to the silk shirt along her hips and pushed it up over her rear, letting his middle two fingers ride the dip of her spine as he revealed more of her back. “Why didn’t you just say so?” He adjusted her, so her hips were directly in front of his as he pushed her flush to the table, arching up her ass to feel him fully.

Tessa gasped when she felt the coolness of the room on her back, followed by the heat of his lips. She rolled her hips in a slow grind against his jeans, instantly excited by the hardness she felt. “Is this part of the lesson?”

“I suppose we could practice our stroke,” he said and curled his fingers under her shirt, catching her naked breasts in each hand, tucking them into his palms then bumping his cock against her backside again. God, he always seemed to be on the ready when he even so much as touched her casually. A soft haze skimmed the edges of his brain from the alcohol and her particular brand of scent.

“Practice does make perfect,” she managed and gasped when he released one breast to sneak a hand into her stretchy pants, his fingers dipping into her wetness and coating her until she gasped.

Jon managed to dip one finger, then two inside of her before the skimming haze turned to a red film of lust. She made him insane. He pulled away and dug into his pocket for the stash he’d allowed himself and shucked his jeans and forced himself to calm as he snapped on the condom.

Tessa turned her head and watched him. He was thick and his head purple with strain. The heady sense of power overwhelmed her. To reduce any man to that kind of jerky response, that he wanted to be inside her like that…but the satisfaction was short lived when he jerked her back to him. She gasped, knowing that she was warm and ready for him and there would be no gentleness. That she didn’t want gentleness left her breathless.

He jerked down her black pants to her knees and licked her once along the gleaming slit he couldn’t resist. When she gasped, he pulled back and pushed into her in one long, fluid thrust.

Tessa’s fingers splayed over the royal blue felt and gripped for purchase, pushing polished balls away as he slammed into her. His grip was almost punishing as he drove into her and she felt the flicker of orgasm just beyond her grasp. She turned her head to watch him, his intense face was blocked by the bunched shirt, and with an impatient growl she flipped it over her head. She gasped as the felt abraded her already sensitive nipples and a surprised shout ripped from her as his cock slid out of her and buzzed against her clit, then back inside of her with a swift upstroke that drove her to her tiptoes.

The sweat ran down his back as he continued the grinding stroke on both the heart of her and the plump clit he could even feel through the thin shield of latex. He tore off his shirt and continued to drive into her when he heard the shuddering cry and the resulting fist-like quiver of her sex pulse around him. He heard her name growl out of him distantly as the orgasm punched into him.


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thanks tara! now i won't look at a pool table the same again!!! lucky tessa!!! great work gal! keep 'em coming!!!

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My favorite thusfar! God, I love pool. :o)

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